A day, and a nice surprise, at the nude beach


Two days ago, we went to the beach. Of course, when it’s beach time, it’s nude beach time. I do not own any swimsuit anymore, so nude is the only option. We went to the usual Serignan plage beach. The beach is multiple kilometers long and a nice strip is reserved for nudists. In summer, there are lifeguards on duty and it’s a family oriented beach. The day was gorgeous and as we arrived quite late, the nudist beach was very crowded. However, because you need to walk through the textile part of the beach, I noticed a lot of nudists on the textile side. Lifeguards were patrolling and did not seem to bother.

While getting closer to the shore, we noticed a lot of nudists among textiles. It felt like a dream comes true, nudist and textiles living together in harmony. We found a spot on the textile part, not too far from a nudist couple and got naked as we dropped our bags. Along the day, mostly textiles came, but nudists were all around, even strolling along the shore deep into the textile part. The separation between nudists and textiles did not matter anymore and did not seem to bother anybody. We had a good nude beach day and I look forward to going back with friends, spending the time getting tanned with no tan lines!

I really think this experience should be the normal one. Everybody wearing what they want or nothing. There were no lewd attitudes, lots of families, textiles and nudists altogether in harmony.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. Absolutely so!! I like to think that in the Netherlands it was reasonably relaxed, last time I returned. Absolutely agree with you. People should be allowed to relax in whichever way they fell comfortable and be considerate of others! Still not easy here in Sydney and beyond.

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