The ultimate question for an open #nudist life


Living an open life is one of the first step to happiness. If you are a nudist and feel nudism/naturism is right for you, for the various reasons I’ve exposed here and there, or for your own reasons, then you should be open about it. Remember there’s nothing wrong to naturism and to being naked socially. I always keep the naturism definition close if discussing naturism with non-nudists: “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differing views together with respect for the environment”.

Open your nudism to others may be hard at the beginning, then after a couple of times, it will become easier, as you will very seldom encounter rejection with the ultimate question for an open #nudist life. So imagine, it’s summer, you are naked having your breakfast in the sun and have a couple of good friends coming for lunch. Those of your friends are non-nudists to your knowledge and they do not know you are nudist. You would love to be able to continue being naked. Does it relate to any experience you had? Well here’s the question to ask in the first minutes after greetings them clothed: “Do you mind if I get naked, as I am a naturist and the weather is ideal for naturism?”

In most cases, the answer will be a no, your friends won’t mind you get naked. When naked, two things will happen:

  1. It may some of your friends are naturist or were thinking about it and will get naked too
  2. You will start a discussion on naturism, the whys and the hows

In very few cases, the answer will be yes, but because of classic wrong reasons: body shame, sexuality, etc. It’s therefore a great moment to explain what nudism/naturism is about. You can refer to other of my posts or to the International Naturist Federation to help your friends understand and appreciate naturism.

You could actually change what’s behind the “Do you mind if”. For instance, you may chose to start slowly: “Do you mind if I swim without a swimsuit?”, “Do you mind if I prepare the breakfast naked as I sleep naked, I generally go to the kitchen naked”, or “Do you mind if I take my clothes off to sunbathe?” I think you see the trend here.

Overall, the important and crucial point to understand and put into action is to get naked in all circumstances with friend and family. Naturism is good for every body!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash


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