Going Bare! by John Harding


This little book, which you’ll read in an hour or two, attempts to put an end to preconceived ideas on naturism. Its author, who is openly naturist, describes in detail, sometimes humorously, his first experience in the naturist resort of La Jenny, near Bordeaux, in France.

After explaining his journey, his need for nudity and his well-being while naked – that many naturists feel while not being able to rationally explain -, he manages to persuade his wife to go and spend a few days in La Jenny naturist resort. The remaining of the book will be the detailed account of those few days spent largely naked, playing with his children, strolling with his wife who will eventually drop the bottom of her bathing suit, to the astonishment of her husband, and taking advantage of his happiness to live naked.

The story is well written, reads well, and is an ode to naturism. I particularly appreciated the sincerity of John Harding. He does not hide, is not angelic, but views social nudity as liberating and healthy. Towards the end of the book, he describes some of the benefits of naturism and summarizes them with this sentence: “Being nude is good for your mental health, physical health and well-being!” All is said!

If this is a book to put all hands, I regret however that the author has not treated the naturist experience from the point of view of his wife. It is mentioned, but does not go into details. I think it might touch a female readership by adding this other point of view. As this book is free on Amazon, it will be shame to not enjoy. Good reading!


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