Nudity and Growth: Reflections on My Tenth Month of Naturist Resolutions in 2023


OMG… I went off track, but I enjoyed naturist moments, lived many over the last 10 months (and 6 months since my last update) and made some progress. It’s now November, and I’m more committed than ever to live a No-vember month (No to clothes, No to restrictions, Yes to nudity, Yes to daily naturism). Let’s reset, focus on the positives and end the year on a positive nude note.

As a reminder, here is the simple scale I use to gauge progress.

  • ++ I’m ahead. I can relax, while keeping an eye on it, but devote more time to more pressing goals.
  • + I’m on track. It’s great, I need to keep the pressure to keep on track.
  •  I’m slightly behind. This requires my attention and I need to spend more time and energy on this.
  •  I’m really behind. This requires my immediate attention and requires that I take tangible actions, with more time and energy.

So here’s for the fourth time this year, a progress report on my goals and magical triplets (for explanations about goals and triplets, how to set and monitor them, refer to my post Happy Nude Year!)

Spend 120 days naked30 days quarterly114 days at end of October, on track to exceed the 120 days for the year, actually heading to 140 days. ++
Spend a full naked week in a naturist resort + Make a five-day naked hike 2024Due to somme family challenges, I could not take the expected one-week off, but managed to make a few naked hikes, going to 6 of them in September alone. So definitely on the high note.+
Publish A passion for Nudism2024It was already on the back burner, and I decided to move it to next year as i could not find the time to commit the writing, as I was professionally busy and embarked on my Substack short-story writing.
Weekly exercise and meditationMeasured weeklyI exercice almost daily, including naked yoga, weight lifting, stretching and meditating. Fully naked of course.++
Work on my joie de vivreDailyI had a few epiphanies over the last months and decided it was time to shift my mind to nude living with a bright smile. So I’m now spending close to 2/3 of days naked, including breakfast and dinners (added to workouts and sleep of course). This has propelled my joie-de-vivre upwards. Naturism is my way of life! Work in progress to have a full smile daily.+
Get closer to friends and familyConstantlySome progress but need to do more. Although I had great time naked at my parents so it allowed me to get closer while enjoying full casual nudity.+
To really love my passion for naturismDailyI’m now totally at peace with it, and opening it more and more to friends.++
To live my nudism more openlyDailyNude time with family and friends are now my new normal. My mind has shifted in a positive nude way.++
To dare sharing my nudist activities with othersDailyNude is my way, this is now almost by default and the opening question is “do you mind if I get naked?” I just now need to move to default nude more.+
To protect my time from predatorsDailyContinuing to say no to many people who wanted my time. Still going well.++

Here are key learnings from April.

The Good

  • Increased involvement in naturist activities
    • I continue being more involved in naturist communities, sharing ideas on forums, contributing regularly to my paid channel on Substack for nudist short stories, continue partnering with True Naked Yoga, H&E Naturist, Naked, Nudists and Naturists and Clothes Free. This makes me feel proud and happy to be able to contribute to nudism and naturism through other media.
  • Positive impact on physical and mental health
    • My physical and mental health continue to improve.
    • Sleep, productivity, and mood are on the rise.
  • Cultivating joy and positivity
    • I created those little mantras that I’m repeating daily. My wife loves them and we are discussing joy and positivity more, putting an emphasis on seeing the glass half-full!

The Bad

  • Postponing my book writing
    • I had to re-prioritize work and time-consuming activities. Writing naturist books was one of those tasks. It will come back in 2024.

I had a few rough months, but naturism and nudity grew and that was the most important thing for me. I will need to rethink my naturist journey for 2024, but for the moment, I will continue to live as naked as possible, even more than I anticipated. i will expand my nudist activities, grow my nudist business and share my nudist lifestyle even more.

What does the end of the year look like?

Here’s my key focus activities in November and December

Spend 30 days nakedWill end up at 140 for the year… I’m even thinking about going to 160 next year…
Commit on the naturist place for next yearI will pick the place and plan it in my calendar.
Weekly exercise and meditationThe end of the year is already planned.
Work on my joie de vivreI’ve added and hung naked smiling mantras over my desk. I am reciting them daily.
To love my passion for naturism (to live my naturism passionately)My Substack paid part is continuing to fuel my passion, as well as my books. I’ve new nudist work lined up.

My nudist life has taken a sharp curve and nudism is now one of the key drivers. I’m so happy about it because I feel so much happier now Despite some goals that I missed, I’ve met a lot of incredible nudists who share the same passion and it comforts my choice of living an open nudist life. I’m excited at what lies ahead.

What about you? Where are you on your naturist journey? Are you making progress? Do you discover new facets of naturism and nudism? Do you need help? Please comment below and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Strip, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!


  1. Congratulations Marc on achieving your goals.sometimes other things take over and a goal isn’t met. But it sounds much different for you.I very much enjoy your writing and find much joy in finding a post by you.I’m still working hard trying to be nude asking do they mind if I am. Always asking maybe one day it will happen . my with is supporting so that is a blessing .keep doing wht you are doing and thanks

    • Thank you Bob! Just ask! We generally don’t ask because we fear the look, the questions, the judgement. I decided not to care about the look, the questions and the judgement. I’m too passionate about naturism and nudism, and too comfortable entirely naked that I cannot not ask anymore, and get naked in most situations.

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