ClothesFree International Partnership


Hello all, if there’s one fantastic resource for naturists, it’s Clothes Free. After they recently featured one of my posts, I had a conversation with their team. As we greatly appreciate each other work, I’m thrilled to announce Nude and Happy is partnering with ClothesFree International.

Nude and Happy has been dedicated to normalizing nudity and promoting body positivity since our founding in 2015. Our educational articles, guides, and stories have encouraged people worldwide to embrace naturism. Now, by collaborating with ClothesFree International, we can amplify our impact even more.

ClothesFree International has been at the forefront of the nudist movement since 1999. They run the renowned Clothes Free TV and Nude in the News, and lobby for pro-nudity legislation. Their mission aligns seamlessly with our own.

Together, Nude and Happy and ClothesFree International will work to expand information about naturism & nudism, destigmatize nudity, and spread awareness of the physical and mental health benefits of naturism. We could not be more excited to team up with such a venerable organization and further the cause of nude empowerment worldwide. Stay tuned for upcoming collaborative campaigns and initiatives!

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