Nude and Happy was about to move…


A few weeks back, we’ve announced that we were moving to Substack. This was without knowing that a lot of you was attached to this version of Nude and Happy on WordPress, and that this version of the site offers much more possible customization and freedom than Substack (the latter gave us some headaches because of formatting posts). After much pondering and thinking, we’ve made the decision to stay on WordPress and replicate on Substack to increase our readership. Here are a few points to know about Nude and Happy on both platforms:

  • All articles posted on Nude and Happy will be also posted on Substack, and all archive have already been migrated. It will be redundant for those of you who are subscribed to both, we fully acknowledge this, but we limit posting here to one post every 10 to 15 days, which will make redundancy pretty light.
  • All fiction short stories will only be posted on the paid subscription of Substack, making Substack the preferred destination when it comes to naturist books and stories (and I have a lot of projects on that front in the coming months).
  • Naturist Ads will be gradually replaced by books promotion. Stan Muir, Marc’s doppleganger and pen name, has released five books about nudism, and is working on his sixth’s, A passion for nudism! I encourage to get your own copies and to offer to people around you. They exist in Kindle and Paperback formats, and three in Hardcover. A great addition to any naturist library.

In short, we stay and will continue posting regularly here about naturism and nudism. If you love naturist fiction, we encourage you to take a paid subscription to Nude and Happy Substack. With a paid subscription, as low as 4 USD per month, you get access to exclusive short stories, and we are working on other perks and benefits to increase the value of your subscription. Thank you for your support that means a lot to us and allows to continue exploring and sharing the wonderful world of naturism and nudism with our readers.

Get Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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