Yes, I am a nudist, so what?

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The title of this post is the reply I gave to an acquaintance during a dinner at a friend’s place. The conversation went over swimsuits and I shared that I was avoiding wearing one whenever I could. She looked at me and ask: “are you a nudist?” To which I replied: “Yes, I am a nudist, so what?” We then started a conversation around nudism, what it is, really, and why it matters. It was a cordial conversation although I doubt that this person will ever become a nudist, having too many reservations and insecurities.

Over the years, I elaborated a simple strategy to talk about nudism and explain what it really is, beyond the cliches and preconceived ideas. With such conversations, I have three main objectives: sharing nudism, demystifying nudism and having nudism accepted. A side objective is to recruit new nudists by inviting them to experience nudism. With the latter, you need to develop some resilience as out of ten conversations, you may get only one may be and one yes. However, this one yes opens a fantastic opportunity to expand your personal nudist circle.

For the moment, let’s stick to the three main objectives above. Here’s how I talk about nudism when asked. It helps people to understand what nudism is, why it’s important and why there should be no shame about simple nudity.

Simple Nudity Is Not Sexual

This is the first myth to dispel. Nude does not rhyme with sex. It’s not because I’m naked that I want to have sex. It’s not because I’m naked that I look for sexual gratification. As a nudist, I’m naked because it just feels good and comfortable. This is probably the one thing that many textiles don’t get: how can you feel good naked, without feeling aroused? For many nudists, it’s totally normal. I personally don’t think about it. Being naked feels normal and does not feel sexual.

Society, culture and religions have associated nudity to sexuality. Many parents explain to their kids that they should not be naked, that nudity is bad, that they should get clothed in all circumstances, even those, like at the beach, where nudity would be reasonably more appropriate. With such behaviours, at puberty, the feeling of shame anchors deep and nudity becomes tightly associated to sexuality. Add today the ubiquitous availability to porn and you have a magic potion. Nudity and sex become entangled.

For kids raised in nudist environment, this association is loose and good discussions about puberty may ensure the link between nudity and sexuality is not established, while shame vanishes. However, if you’ve not been raised in a naturist environment, it’s possible to train your brain to disassociate nudity from sexuality. It may be a little bit difficult at the beginning and may require some time and effort, but you will get there.

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Many newbie nudists feel aroused when they get naked. There’s nothing to be scared about, it’s totally okay. Just go about it and carry on your activities. The most important aspect of nudism is to do activities that you would do normally clothed. For instance, washing the dishes, watching TV, gardening, or writing blog posts. Just learn to associate nudity with day-to-day activities and soon you will see nudity as it should always be: a simple and comfortable way of being.

Simple Nudity Is Natural

Our evolution as an animal species has made us to be naked. We need nudity to be healthy. Our body requires air and sun to function healthily. This is the reason why young kids tend to take their clothes off naturally, obeying their primitive brain. It’s only because adults using their neocortex, the reasoning brain, to tell kids to get clothed that kids “learn” that nudity is bad. Inherently, nudity is our natural state and kids know this, without realising it as it’s an innate bodily function.

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When we reason that nudity is not sexual and can be something to enjoy and feel comfortable with, we come to the realization that we were told wrong things about simple nudity. As you could have guessed, I’m naked while writing this post. To me, it’s not only natural, it’s entirely normal and comfortable. I cannot really work from my home office clothed. The moment I come back home, after running errands or coming back from the office, I get naked, sometimes take a shower and go to my home office to work. Nudity is my normal state of being at home and wherever I can be.

When you embrace simple nudity and nudism, meet other nudists and talk about nudism a lot, as I do through this blog and other occasions, simple nudity becomes your norm. It so become “normal” that you forget about it and start feeling it should be allowed everywhere.

Simple Nudity Should Be Allowed Anywhere

This is controversial, even among nudist and naturist communities. For instance, if nudity were allowed everywhere, would you go shopping naked, for instance, knowing there are risks that you would be the only one naked? Many nudists would not do it. I definitely would, but hey, it’s because I’m passionate about nudism and simple nudity. Most nudists won’t, at least this is what they say. However, I feel that if one nudist leads the way others would join.

Nonetheless, if it’s not about going shopping naked, it could be about going to the beach, hiking in the woods or just gardening. What harm does a nudist do by just being naked and minding her own business? Not much, except in the eyes of the haters. If nudism were allowed everywhere, I believe that not only very few would use this right and it would make people more aware of our fragility.

I would just love to be able to walk out of a hotel room naked to go to the pool or to the gym. I would just love to be able to go to any beach and not looking for a clothing-optional one. I would just love to be able to travel as light as possible wherever I’m going. Nudity should be allowed everywhere, because it should be an inalienable right, society should recognise there’s nothing sexual in simple nudity, and above all because it truly matters.

Simple Nudity Matters

Why does nudity matter? For three reasons: mental health, consumption sobriety and love of simplicity.

Mental health is a societal issue and body shame is one area that nudism helps preventing. Benevolence is an incredible quality of nudist environments. Whatever your body size and shape, you’re welcome and quickly realise there’s nothing like a perfect body. Perfect bodies are Photoshopped. Normal bodies are never perfect. Going to a nudist resort helps appreciate your own body and escape the hell of the perfect body image.

Climate change and loss of biodiversity question our way of living. It’s not about going backwards in terms of comfort, it boils down to consuming less, but better. Living naked and embracing nudism help realise the uselessness of many clothes you purchase and own. I came to purchase far less but of far better quality. In the end, my closet if not full of useless clothes but only the ones I really appreciate. Being a nudist help on the path of chosen sobriety and discover the virtues of simplicity.

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Simplicity is a concept I discovered with Marie Kondo and her KonMari method. It helps declutter your life and focus on the essential, the objects, clothes and elements that “spark joy”. It’s a great way to go back to a simpler life centred on joy and happiness, by tidying your life and getting rid of things that don’t really spark joy! It seems a simple concept, but it’s a deep one. It has allowed me to focus on what is essential to my happiness. Nudism is one of those that participates to a joyful simpler life.

Nudism and simple nudity matter for humanity. I understand that they may not be for everyone, as social, cultural or religious beliefs are sometimes anchored deep in people’s lives. Anyhow, with a reasonable discussion and acceptance of diversity, I come to believe that more people are inclined to give nudism a try and even more are inclined to accept simple nudity. This is probably why I’m so passionate about nudism, naturism and simple nudity. And this is how I talk about nudism and what people can expect for it.

What about you? Are you a nudist? Do you think simple nudity should be considered an acceptable, normal and natural way of being? How do you speak about nudism? What shall we do to have nudism more widely accepted? Don’t hesitate to leave comments and points of view in the comment section below!

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!


  1. Great article. I too wish you could go anywhere nude. I think people would take better care of themselves if they weren’t always covered up.

  2. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on nudism. I’m nude all the time. As a nudist I have discovered that nudity has become so normal to me that I have actually become sexually desensitized. When I am with my wife and desire to get aroused I have discovered that it takes much more than just looking at her beautiful body to sexually arouse me. It now takes physical contact and foreplay. My point being seeing a beautiful naked body just seems normal to me. As a nudist, I guess that is a good thing.

    • Fritz, thank you for your comment. I think you put the fingers onto something fundamental. When we desexualise nudity, the importance of foreplay and taking the time to appreciate each other becomes crucial.

  3. Wonderfully written, comprehensive and informative post. I couldn’t agree more. I too am a proud nudist and yearn for the freedom to be nude anywhere, anytime. Thank you.

  4. nicely written article. yes, simple nudity is as pure as the soul. i am a nudist, love nudism, and have a passion to explore nudism in nature & with like minded friends. however i doubt that the nudism will be widely accepted across all societies. I feel that it’s an individual preference of the lifestyle. fear, shame & sin about nudism, is so deeply anchored in the societies, it’s very difficult to eradicate it. at least i don’t know exactly what one has to do to widely accept simple nudity by society. Besides it, laws & religion are the main obstacles. even the genuine nudists who have accepted simple nudity as lifestyle, don’t have the freedom to experience it freely in nature & in open with like minded friends.

  5. I agree with everything said.
    But unfortunately nudity will never be looked at in a positive way so therefore it will never be accepted. And definitely will not be legal everywhere.

    • Thank you, Bret. I agree that nudity will never be accepted and legal everywhere, however, we need to continue, through nudist and naturist organisations to fight for acceptance and legalisation. It has so many benefits!

  6. Yes, it should be totally legal to be nude in public. Unfortunately, where I live, even if I simply stepped outside to get my paper or look at my thermometer I could be reported and charged with a crime. It gets pretty chilly even in my apartment in the winter so I am not nude as much, but in the summer I avoid clothes a lot. Unfortunately, I also have to avoid windows. This is ALL wrong!!! Society has so many mental health problems because of this sick ‘anti-nude’ attitude. Oh how I would love to be freely naked!!!!

    • Many stores sell adhesive-free frosted plastic sheets that can be placed on the inside of window glass to allow privacy without blocking light.

      Mental health problems nudity: I find it interesting that most people over 40 grew up with a much more casual attitude toward nudity. Guys never thought twice about changing clothes or showering in front of their friends. Guys in their 20’s & 30’s seem mortified by the idea. I wonder if anyone has studied how/why this has occured. There is one silver lining, however: People in their 20’s seem to have much more of a live and let live attitude. I.e. They, themselves, might never be caught dead at a nude beach, but they don’t see anything wrong with it and believe that if a person actually wants to go to a nude beach, he should be able to without a hassle.

  7. Great read and good explanations of your thoughts. I was raised in this environment and had to be told when I needed to be dressed. I have said now for a few years that this subject needs to be taken to higher levels, although I don’t know how but public nudity should be an individual rite. When laws are made to tell you what you can and can’t do in your own homes, your own properties, your personnel spaces it should be questioned. Hollywood can provide nude bodies on daytime and prime time tv but legally I can’t mowe my own lawn because of the laws written to prohibit me from doing so!. I’m not sure how, but with everything else being challenged, sexual changes of men to women, subjects of personal sexual orientation and the like being made mainstream and being changed and accepted, why not the public decency laws prohibiting personal nudity accept were posted rather than the other way around. Use to be, no shirts and shoes, no service! So why not clothing required if a business wishes you dressed to enter, seems way simple to me but I certainly don’t know how we could get there!!!

  8. There are other reasons for simple nudity. There are medical conditions that people suffer from and it is a real challenge for them. I personally wear as little as legally possible. By the time I get back home I get nude but my skin is so painful from clothes. Especially during the cold weather months.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly with what you say. I have been a part-time nudist since my thirties, increasing as I have got older and now that our girls have grown up and moved out. It is just natural and I love the freedom. On the beach or in our garden in the Summer, and indoors in the Winter. It’s always a shame to have to get dressed!

  10. If I had been asked this question before July 5, 2017, I would have certainly answered no, nudism is not normal, but only exhibitionism, fanaticism and self-degradation. Then in 2017 I was convinced by a nudist to try, and nudism turned me into a nudist too. Since 2018 I have been living naked. I love stripping and feeling free, I love nudity, it’s not degrading at all, quite the opposite, stripping naked means respecting yourself. When you try nudism you understand how uncomfortable clothes are on your skin. I think it’s absolutely normal, we are not made to wear clothes we should live naked, just like other animals, but since we don’t have fur, clothes are essential to protect ourselves from the cold, otherwise we would have died out long ago. Nudism makes us feel the annoyance of clothes and pushes us to live naked and undress, it reminds us that clothes are unnatural, annoying on the skin, we don’t need them and we shouldn’t wear them, except for the cold. Then all the problems related to the habit of undressing, the nudity of one’s genitals, etc. etc. they are overcome if you perceive what nudism conveys when you have the courage to try it.

  11. Marc, This has been a great read. I love what you are doing to promote the Nude way of life. I was raised in a non Nude way in Oklahoma. It was not until my fifties that I found this wonderful life of being Nude. I have since sort of retired to Florida. We live in a clothing optional community in which I started a Nude Radio Station. Yes, I know, It’s radio! But the purpose is to bring awareness to being Nude and that it is Okay. I do the radio thing part time but the station runs 24/7 365 days. It plays music and has some other fun stuff that makes it pretty easy to listen to. We have listeners from America to the UK and everywhere in between. We promote AANR, Tampa Bay Free Beaches, Beaches Foundation and anything that promotes the Nude way of life. Have you ever thought of recording something like an interview to be broadcast? Keep up the good work.
    Stay Healthy and Stay Naked!

    • Thanks Randal for your comment, your kind words and sharing your story. Yes, I thought about recording something. I have been contacted once by a podcaster but no results so far. Happy to participate. You can reach me on marc at nuetheureux dot com.

  12. An excellent blog and every word I agree with My wife and I have been Naturists since 1977 and have enjoyed being clothes free. If the weather permits, nudity around the house is the norm.

  13. Naturism is no different from any other inclinations we are born with. And not every one is a naturist. To each their own. We presently live in a society stretched like a rubber band, ready to snap, so naturism has to have guard rails to advance safely.

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