Every day is a new day, every day can be a nude day. Here’s how!

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You can choose to embrace nudity. You can choose to be a nudist. You can choose naturism as your preferred lifestyle. Well, I don’t think you can but could, should, and even must! Nudism or naturism is an incredible lifestyle. Natural, comfortable and totally normal! As you can probably guess, I’m bare naked as I’m writing this post in my home office. Not only, it’s my most comfortable outfit, it’s the one I choose daily by default, which makes it a no-choice decision, as it’s my default way of being.

If you’re a nudist or a naturist, whatever you call yourself, or just don’t put a nude label on you and just appreciate nudity, I wanted to share four simple actions you can take, daily, to enjoy more nude time and live a free life without the constraints of clothing. Up to a point where you can spend days without wearing any clothes and enjoy a wonderful nudist life. Get set, go!


All it takes is a decision: to get naked! Of course, you may have a ton of reasons not to get naked: I live with my parents, my mates won’t let me, people will think I’m crazy, what happens if people see me, it’s against the law in my country, etc. All reasons are valid reasons. However, they are also life-limiting reasons. If, like me, you really love nudism and naturism, just embrace what you love.

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Some years ago, I was in the same situation. Questions kept popping into my mind. Should I, can I, get naked? What will people think? How will family and friends react? On the other, I felt so good naked. Not only I felt good, I felt better naked than clothed. I also discover many people felt like I felt. I was part of a larger community, as millions of people around the world are “nudists”, enjoying nude recreation. Hence, I made a decision: I chose nudity! I chose nudity because it’s who I really am, deep inside. I chose nudity because it’s natural and normal. I chose nudity because it was the right thing to do.


Still sitting on the fence, not sure how to start? Let me propose a simple yet powerful action: give away all your pajamas and start sleeping naked. The first few nights may be weird. You may feel aroused. You may be uncomfortable. All it takes is a few nights, a few weeks may be and then sleeping naked will be natural and you won’t be able to sleep with clothes on (this is also true with any activities that you start to do naked).

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I chatted with people who have tried and reverted to pyjamas for warmth reasons. I discussed with friends who confessed they’re aroused when naked and cannot therefore sleep. I exchanged with textiles who think it not hygienic to sleep naked. To all, I’ve said that these are mental constructions based on fear and false assumptions. If you’re cold, add an extra blanket. If you’re aroused, make love. If you’re not clean, take a shower. Sleeping naked is the most natural way of sleeping and the only way for the body to regulate naturally its temperature. Under comfortable and warm sheets and blanket, nudity is the surest way to spend a good night sleep and start the next day well rested and naked!


The first day you spend entirely naked remains in your mind and body forever. On that day, you become almost religiously attached to nudism. This generally happens in a safe nudist environment, either at home or at a resort, where no risk exists that your nudity be interpreted for what it simply is. On that day, you may wish to live naked as often as possible. This, somehow, goes back to the first point of this post: decision.

As I often share, nudism is a journey, not a destination. A stage on this journey is naked living. What I call naked living is enjoying days without clothes and choosing nudity as the preferred outfit. Because we live in a clothed world, nudity is not accepted in many public places. However, we need to visit those places (shops, cinema, etc.). Therefore, I came with my personal definition of a naked day: a day when I can be naked for more than 22 hours. Not that I’m counting every single minute I’m naked or clothed, but I make a conscious decision to live naked and enjoy nudity as much as I can. I live naked!

This makes every possible day a nude day and it’s so enjoyable! It’s also a source of savings as I wear less clothes, hence need to purchase less and wash less. Although it’s not a primary reason, it’s an enjoyable side effect. As for sleeping, the first days will feel strange and a lot of questions will be popping in your mind. Just go with them, it’s normal. They will disappear or you may want to silence them by the comfort nudity offers. The best way I found to silence questions and doubts is to share nudism with others.


Tell the world you’re a nudist! Well, may be not the whole world, but your friends and family, your community and embark them with you on your journey. When people know and accept you’re a nudist, you don’t need to “hide” anymore. Nudist magazines and books on your coffee table become normal. Nude pictures hung on the wall become normal. Your own nudity becomes normal. I consider all of these normal, but for most people it’s not. By sharing nudism, nudity disappears as a topic.

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I was sharing with Anna from A Naturist World that when nudity becomes accepted in everyday life and if we could mind our businesses entirely naked, nudism and naturism would disappear. If you were able to go shopping naked, to go to any beach naked or go for a walk naked, naturist federations would become useless, at least to defend social nudity.

To me, this what sharing nudism with friends, family and community does. It’s sharing with others that you consider nudity as normal and that you expect others to consider it the same. You’re not forcing others to come along in nudism. Just to accept that nudity is natural and normal, and that you may be naked more often than not, without shame or willingness to cause distress. This allows you to experiment your own nudity while people stay clothed around you. It feels weird the first few times, then it becomes your new normal, a wonderful normal of freedom, physically and mentally!

So, what’s your story? Do you believe every day can be a nude day? I would love to have your views in the comments below!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


  1. One more beautiful article. What you said is very correct. Out of 4 actions, sharing nudism with family, friends seems bit difficult. In India the society is not at all open about nudism & hence sharing with family & friends will be an awkward scenario. As you said, it’s a decision which only I have to make if I have to embrace my nudism. My wife knows my nudism passion. Though she doesn’t encourage it, however never opposes. To inform unintentionally to our adult children is the next challenge. Further I feel it should be known & shared in a normal way & not intentionally. As you have said it can be shared by having nudism books over the table or by using naturism symbols to our social accounts or by using a few other tools( which I don’t know at present) instead of telling face to face.To live naked for the entire day is my next goal during this splendid naturism journey.
    Sincere thanks Marc. Awaiting the next one.

  2. @Abhijit. Agreed that India is mostly conservative and surprisingly liberal and accepting of diversity at the same time. Simple non sexual nudity is well accepted among Naga Sadhus, Digambar Jains etc. And when people are on pilgrimage dipping in rivers.

    I have been a practicing naturist for many years now both at home in a major city in India and socially where accepted. I have told my adult daughters, son-in-law, nephews and niece directly in face to face conversations and have been accepted without question.

    I remain nude in the presence of my wife, daughter, nephews who are comfortable with my state of undress though none of them (except one nephew who joined me one afternoon at a resort) have embraced naturism as yet.

    I exercise nude everyday at home and sleep nude. I do my daily chores nude, chores like laundry and hanging out clothes to dry on the terrace of my home. I walk for upto an hour nude on the terrace and I am sure been seen by a few people on neighboring terraces none of whom has had any issue. Just today my immediate neighbour saw me walking on my terrace nude and he just waved a greeting with a friendly smile which I returned with a smile and wave. I continued my walk and he went about his chores on the terrace.

    Don’t worry about what people will say or think. Just share your interest directly with your family first and you will be surprised at their acceptance.. …wish you all the best in your journey of simply enjoying being free as nature made you.

  3. @Krishna PAS,
    Thanks Krishna for your encouraging best wishes for my nudism journey. What you have said is very correct. I too enjoy a few of my daily tasks(while sleeping, yoga exercise, shower & few other home tasks) in nude only. I too remain nude in front of my wife though she doesn’t embrace it. However I haven’t informed my son & daughter in law yet about my naturist passion. I don’t have the courage right now to inform them, but i will surely inform them as & when the situation allows. I haven’t experienced nudism in nature or in society apart from my home, as you know the Indian society & the laws.
    It’s nice interaction feedback from you. Can we be in contact with one to one which will help me to further explore my nudism passion from the experience you had over the years.
    Please share your mail id or contact number if you don’t have any reservations..
    Awaiting your feedback..

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