Here are 7 Reasons Why Nudism is a Journey, Not a Destination

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For textiles, being a nudist consists of getting naked. However, if nudism starts by getting naked on a beach, at home or in a nudist resort, it quickly incites questions, pushes limits and opens doors to encounters and discoveries. The more I am naked and share my nudity with others, the more I move on the path of nudism. Questions, limits, encounters and discoveries are why I believe nudism is not a destination but a journey. It’s not only about getting naked, it’s about being transformed psychologically and emotionally, one experience at a time.

Let’s go a little bit deeper and walk through the seven reasons why nudism is a wonderful journey of questions, limits, encounters and discoveries.

1. Nudism Starts by Being Nude

Step one, get naked! I know it seems absurd to repeat this but repetition makes perfection. Nudism is about getting entirely naked. You can keep you shoes and your hat on, but drop the rest and enjoy the feeling of freedom. For some people, nudity comes naturally, for many, it’s a state they keep private and as short as possible. For some also, naturism is not only about getting naked, a sarong or a t-shirt won’t break naturism. Naturism is considering nudity as totally normal and acceptable. A sarong will be useful to sit without needing to carry a towel, a t-shirt will protect skin that has been a little bit too exposed to the sun rays, for instance. But nudity is normal and encouraged.

Nude is our natural state. This means that not only it’s a totally normal state of being, it’s how evolution has crafted our body. Our skin is our largest organ and fulfils vital activities. The more exposed it is, the better for our health. Nudism is good for health, many articles have been written about the many health benefits of nudity. Health goes beyond the physical and encompasses psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Whether you’re pulled onto that journey by a spouse, a friend or a family member, or start it on your own, don’t think and get naked. It feels strange, sometimes awkward at the start, and the fear of being seen looms, but you’ve entered a wonderful new world.

2. Overcoming the Fear of Being Seen

The day you step out entirely naked and meet other nudists and naturists, you move past your fear of being seen naked. And you’re not directly sent to Hell or burn in awful torturous pain. To the far opposite! You enter Heaven and are released from an incredibly heavy weight you carried on your shoulders! Fear is the biggest joy killer of this world, the real devil that forbids us to be free and live the life we want, deep inside. Going over our fears is freeing!

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The fear of being seen naked disappears slowly while you experience nudity, alone and particularly with others. In a naturist setting, you realise nobody looks at you in a strange way and nobody really cares what you look like. You are just yourself, enjoying your body in its natural way. It’s a strange feeling the first few minutes or hours, then it subsides without realising it and the vacuum it creates in your mind fills with wellbeing and joy.

3. Enjoying Being Nude with Others

Being naked is really enjoyable for many good reasons. Being naked with others fellow nudists is even more enjoyable as you share time and space with like-minded people. Joy may live along with the fear of being seen, although as fear goes along, joy takes its place. Levity is a fantastic by-product of nudism.

Being with other nudists is a fantastic achievement and the beginning of great discoveries. The first striking discovery is the simple fact of being naked without any fear of being seen and judged wrongly. Since nudity is the norm in a nudist setting, it becomes unnoticeable. You’re naked for the comfort it creates and enjoy it, without any after thoughts. The second discovery is the friendliness of other nudists. People will welcome you and you will quickly make tons of new friends. An immediate benefit of having new nudist friends is that they will always understand nudism and will never question why you’re naked. The third discovery is the wonderful camaraderie that you’ll develop over the days, weeks and months with other nudists. You may not become great friends with every other nudists, but the common denominator that is nudism will create so many great moments.

The last important discovery of being nude with others is to be confronted with ideas about nudism. You will discover people who live naked most of their times, some who will only hike naked, others who will grab any opportunity to make nude pictures even in non-nudist settings. And those are just a few examples. This will question your limits and will push you to step outside of your nude comfort zone.

4. Pushing Our Own Limits

You then start pushing your limits: cooking naked, having a drink with friends, joining a naked volley ball game, spending a full 24 hours entirely naked… My wife keeps repeating that I always want more, that I keep pushing beyond the reasonable and that I’m obsessed. She’s right in her own view, although I don’t feel obsessed, but passionate. I’m passionate about nudism, always want more nude time and want to keep exploring new ways to enjoy nudity. Let me give you a simple example of how I keep expanding my nude horizon.

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A few years back, when I was heading to the nude beach, I used to be dressed to drive to the beach, park the car, walk to the beach and only when arrived undress. One day, the weather was beautiful, my mood joyful, I decided to walk back to the car naked. It’s a 300-meter walk and most people go to the nude beach, so I told myself that it may not annoy anybody. The first few times I was nervous, then after a few encounters that did not attract any negative comments or weird looks, this nude walk became obvious. A few days later, as I was putting my bag in the boot of the car, I came to the conclusion it was useless to get dressed to drive back home. In all cases, I would get naked as soon as I was home, so I put a towel on the driver seat and drove back home, naked. I was for the first time on my naked drive. Naturally, the next time I drove to the beach, I drove naked, walk naked to the beach, had a great time, walked back and drove back naked. My nude beach time is now part of a nude continuum and I enjoy the nude beach experience fully naked. I pushed my limit and expanded my nudism.

Pushing limits forces you to consider your normal clothed activities and question to make them nude ones. The fantastic results about this questioning is that you quickly realise that most activities don’t need much to become nude activities, beyond making a decision and adapt to the reality of our clothed world.

5. Discovering Nude Activities

The day you hike naked, you play pétanque naked, you invite friends to a naked barbecue, a new world opens in front of your eyes: a world of naked activities. I’ve written 101 Ideas to Increase Nude Time and Nudist Friends to give ideas about activities that can be easily practised naked, alone or with others. From waterskiing to playing snooker to having a drink with friends, it’s actually almost a limitless number of activities you can do naked.

My line of thoughts with nudity is that as long as you don’t require protection against hazards, you can be naked. Yes, it may require some preparation and careful planning, but with some willingness and carefulness, all is possible and nudity can be extended to many life aspects. Some nudists may not want this and wish to limit their naturism to parks, beaches and resorts. This is fine. I believe there are as many ways to live naturism as there are naturists. As long as you thoroughly enjoy what you’re doing, it’s great.

As I’m passionate about nudism and social nudity, I look for every opportunity to expand nudism, create nude opportunities and enjoy nudism as my daily lifestyle.

6. Making Nudism a Daily Lifestyle

You have slept a wonderful night, naked as it should. You prepare and have your breakfast naked. You work out naked. You have a shower and pamper naked. And you spend the rest of your day as naked as you can. Nudism has permeated your life and has become your daily lifestyle. For many it sounds crazy as they don’t live in an environment that allows this.

However, it’s totally possible to live such a life as long as you’ve decided to do so. To go back to point number 4, pushing our own limits, it was a conscious part of my decision to embrace nudism daily. As I was enjoying nudism at the pool, in the garden and at the beach, I decided to push the borders of my nudism to embrace it daily. It felt strange at the beginning. It required some courage in some situations, then it became the new normal.

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This also opens some new doors and forces you to rethink parts of your life. However, with climate change for instance, we need to change lifestyles, rely less of fossil fuels, consume less energy. Living naked forces you to rethink how you live, what you really enjoy and what matters to you. It helps you pick your battles and the friends you want to spend time with, as nudism is social and shared.

7. Sharing, Sharing and Sharing

Sharing nudism contributes to expanding it, to enroll new nudists, to create new opportunities around you and your beloved ones. Sharing is loving and caring. Sharing nudism is taking back our humanity and love for it. We are social animals. Spending time with friends and family is enjoyable. Spending naked time with friends and family adds a layer of wellbeing that is unmatched. You may say you don’t need to be naked to have fun, and it’s true.

However, as a passionate nudist, nudity is my preferred clothing choice, when possible. Hence my willingness to share nudism and enrol new nudists. Sharing with friends and family is also a way to normalise nudity and let people freely chose or not to be naked. Creating clothing optional settings and events contributes to making nudity something that doesn’t need to be frowned upon. No hidden agenda, just making people realise nudity is totally normal, natural and acceptable.

Sharing nudism and social nudity pushes fear away (point 2), develops being comfortable naked as others freely chose to stay clothed (point 3), expands your comfort zone (point 4), opens doors to additional activities you can practise naked (point 5), contributes to making nudism your preferred lifestyle (point 6), and demonstrates that nudity is normal, natural and acceptable.

Nudism is a daily discovery. Being a nudist for most of my life and having developed a passion for it, I’m amazed almost daily at what nudism is, at what it does and how it transforms people for good. It has been a constant source of discovery and joy, questions and discussions, benevolence and respect. If you’re a nudist, I wish you a great journey. If you’re not a nudist, I encourage to take a first step.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!


  1. wonderfully written about the nudism journey. Though many aspects of it are not feasible in India, I imagine myself enjoying nudism as said in the article. At present, i can just enjoy it at home. Actually I have been waiting for your next article since the last 3-4 days & surprisingly this morning i received the mail. I enjoyed the article reading. Thanks Marc & eagerly waiting for the next one.

  2. you are absolutely right. If I think about my previous textile life and the current nudist life that I have been leading for 5 years now, nudism has completely transformed me. I have become a different person, but the big transformation happened on a mental level and thanks to nudism, now as a nudist, I see many things differently or even opposite. I’m not saying it was easy, it was a huge, difficult change, sometimes made up of fears, doubts and unhealthy shame. But now I will always be grateful to that nudist who, by convincing me to try, managed to infect me with nudism. Waking up naked, feeling my body free, completely naked, opening the window and feeling the fresh air all over my body, knowing that being Sunday I will be able to stay naked all day is priceless. Nudism is a gift, it is transformation, it is a journey, it is happiness, it is nature and joy. Throw away all your clothes and let yourself be infected by nudism, freedom, joy. A new life waits you.

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