The Best Way to do Naked Yoga Online


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Naked yoga is exactly what it sounds like. So what’s with all the hype? While naturism is still a relatively fringe pastime, naked yoga seems to be rising in popularity in recent years, with even celebrities and influencers declaring their love for it. While the latest craze makes it sound like little more than a trend, nude yoga, also known as Nagna Yoga, is a liberating form of the practice that has actually been around since ancient times. The reported benefits by throngs of dedicated practitioners worldwide are clear evidence that naked yoga is no passing phase – it’s here to stay!


Clear and proven benefits

Yogis who love practicing nude yoga claim that the element of nudity enhances the already impactful benefits of yoga itself, including improved strength and flexibility, greater self-awareness and mindfulness, and decreased stress and anxiety. According to True Naked Yoga, an instructional Naked Yoga streaming service, their community members report the following benefits:

  • A stronger mind-body connection
  • Improved sense of self-love and acceptance of the body just as it is
  • Increased self-awareness and sensitivity to one’s environment
  • Greater freedom of physical movement without the constrictions of clothing
  • Fewer distractions from adjusting clothing during the practice
Chloe – Mermaid Pose

As many who practice naturism are aware, spending more time in the nude, especially when paired with powerful physical activities such as yoga, is a wonderful way to normalize and desexualize nudity. Doing so can help to release feelings of shame and negative body-image when practiced consistently. True Naked Yoga strives to offer their subscribers greater access to this incredible array of benefits, no matter where they are in the world. They launched their subscription service in 2020 when so many yoga studios around the globe were closing due to the pandemic, and since then have managed to amass thousands of community members from 82 countries. 

Their extensive library of instructional yoga videos and meditations are suitable for all-levels of yogis, from absolute beginner to advanced. They also offer a diverse range of styles, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Yogalates, and Yin Yoga. 

From Beginners to Experts

Although I’m not totally new to Yoga, I’m an amateur yogi. Emily, from True Naked Yoga, reached out to me a few weeks ago to test the service. I immediately accepted as I’m a strong believer and supporter of naturism and all nude activities. After doing a tour of the site, I earmarked the Morning Wake-Up Yoga with Meagan (it’s free!) to test it the next day. I loved it! A great way to wake up gently and stretch your body.

As I’m in naked workout, I wanted something that challenged my body and muscles a little bit more, so I followed Core Strengthening Planks with David. The 13-minute series of poses challenged my core, arms and shoulders, and it’s one I will definitely add to some of my workout routines.

David-Side Plank Tree

Then, what surprised me was the encounter of yoga and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). To me HIIT Yoga was an oxymoron. It’s no longer after having tried the 30-minute HIIT Yoga Sculpt with Mel. I had a good sweat and felt my muscles working like never.

When you wander around the True Naked Yoga website, you realize a few of things:

  1. The videos are beautifully and professionally filmed. Although it did not come as a surprise for me that nudity and yoga go well together, you quickly realize that nudity is so natural that it appears as obvious for yoga. I sincerely hope True Naked Yoga will help people realize that nudity and sexuality are two different things.
  2. You can progress in your yoga practice at your own pace with a great variety of exercises.
  3. It’s an incredible value for money. At less than US$15 a month, it’s almost a no-brainer.

True Naked Yoga is a testimony of how awesome naturism is and why nudity should not be seen as a sexual state. Naked and Happy is very happy to start a partnership with True Naked Yoga, as we share the same philosophy about nudism and naturism. Whether you start yoga or want to improve your practice, True Naked Yoga is you go-to service on the web!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

All pictures, courtesy of True Naked Yoga!


  1. Another fine post and we totally agree that yoga and our nude lifestyle are a great fit. My wife and I have practiced yoga for most of the 45 years we’ve been together. And always nude. We’re now in our early 70’s and in excellent health, in part to our devotion to our yoga. The benefits are there, you just have to reach for them. We are familiar with the website you mentioned and subscribed for a time. Their videos are beautifully done.

    Thanks again for calling attention to an amazing part of our lifestyle.

  2. Yoga is great for everyone – especially naked. It’s just a shame the true naked yoga website concentrates on images of young, lithe women, rather than a decent representation of all body types, both male and female. It tends to reinforce the media, beauty, and fitness propaganda of what the “ideal body” should look like.

  3. Indeed, their videos are beautifully produced, I’ve used some. I also began nude yoga one on one online during Covid lockdowns & it at once seemed completely natural. Apart from the obvious benefits of Yoga, the nudity aspect quickly disappeared, though I’m used to it at the beach. Great post , I recommend it ??

  4. To continue Andrew’s comment, of the 37 teachers I saw on the list just 3 were men and just 5 presented as P.O.C. Had I not had my own experiences with naked yoga I’d have the impression that naked yoga or maybe yoga in general was something thin, young(ish), white women did.

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