365 reasons to be (or become) a nudist

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As I was reading A Month of Reasons to Choose Naturism, by Steve and Anna, the creator of A Naturist World, a great naturist online community, I wondered how many reasons one could have to choose naturism/nudism. There could be dozens, if not hundreds, I told myself. And why not, trying to get 365 reasons? One per day!

So here I am, having decided to find 365 reasons to be or become a nudist, to choose naturism, to spend more time naked alone and with others, to embrace the nudist lifestyle (yes, it’s a lifestyle, and no, it’s not sexual), so I can post them daily on this blog and create a nice book for textiles and nudists. It’s a crazy goal in many respect. First, because, it’s huge. Second, because it’s a new and stretched naturist goal on my resolutions list. Third, because I’m not sure to succeed … 365 reasons is a lot. If you have your reasons, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment below or by send me an email and I will make sure to name you after all ideas you shared and I did not have on my list.

If I manage to pull out 365 reasons, I would like to make them into a nice graphical book with illustrations. As I’m not a designer nor a graphical artist, if you are and would like to participate in this work, just let me know, marc at nuetheureux dot com.

So here we are, each idea will fall on a list and by January 1st, 2023, I’ll publish a daily short post. Get set, ready, go!

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude, and Share the Nude Love!


  1. I’ve written about this before on my blog, but one of the biggest benefits to me has been me mental health. After my separation I needed it to help me find myself, learn to respect and love my body, and I saw it as a way to start fresh in my life. While my marriage was okay at best, I knew going forward that I wanted to ensure I was going to find joy in life, and part of that joy is the ability to be naked as much as I could be. I’m just a happier soul that way. Good luck on your 365 reasons and any books you publish because of it!!

  2. One of the reasons that made me become a nudist was to discover how nudity was actually the highest form of respect for oneself and for the body, whereas before I was trapped by shame and fear. They convinced me to try nudism and I realized that the chains of modesty and shame prevented me from appreciating the body in its most natural form and above all in its entirety. Now undressing not only makes me happy, reduces stress, frees me from annoying clothes, and is something I really need, especially coming home after work, but undressing means respecting myself and my body. Nudism as well as freedom is above all a form of love and respect for oneself. I am very grateful to the person who convinced me to try nudism and made me become a nudist. My life is now freer, more beautiful and fun.
    It also made me discover a new bond, between me and nature, going naked in nature (a forest for example) is one of the most beautiful things.

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