Exposing Friends to Naturism


Many nudists and naturists often ask how to talk to friends about nudism and how to share that they are nudists. I want to share with you a story that happened at a friend’s place a while back.

We were invited for a bring and share dinner at a friend’s with some other friends. It was a textile dinner. Since it was spring and the temperature was cool, men were in polo shirts and shorts, while women in light dresse or blouse and shorts. The dinner went well, the atmosphere was enjoyable and some alcohol helped with levity.

We had fun remembering some past parties we had together, sharing memories and plans for the future. As the evening was unfolding, and the evening was really cool, one of the men expressed his idea to jump in the pool. Some challenged him and he promptly took his shirt and shoes off. He unbuttoned his trousers and went naked, since he was not wearing any underwear.

As you can imagine, some laughed at the fact he was naked, but his wife, promptly undressed and naked too jumped into the pool. Another male friend undressed but, with his boxer short, jumped as well. I did not think long before stripping naked too and following my naked friends. All of us, at the exception of two male friends who had probably drank too much and were feeling cold, all of us jumped in the pool, with few entirely naked, some having kept their boxers or panties, some girls with bras and panties.

We continued to laugh, discuss and swim, then I went out of the pool and wrapped a towel around my waist while joining back the party. Woman went out of the pool wrapped a towel around their breasts and men around their waist. A few minutes later, as I was dry, I unwrapped my towel and stayed naked in front of everybody. The host gave me strange look and asked if I was ok.

I answered I was feeling great, thanked him for his hospitality and asked him if he and his wife were OK if I remained naked. They said they were surprised but okay with it as most of us used the pool without swimsuit. I thanked them and actually told that as a nudist I often carry activities entirely naked, so it was great that they were ok with me being naked.

On that evening, although most had a towel wrapped around their waist or breasts, I was the only one who stayed entirely naked. We had an interesting discussion around nudism and some agreed to join us at a nude beach in the future. All it needed was a jump in a pool without a swimsuit.

You may argue that all people present on that evening were open-minded and agreeable of being naked or seing others naked. But, it was not the case. There were a few who did not feel comfortable being seen naked, kept their underwear and got dressed once they were dry. Few also were not entirely comfortable as I was naked but did not directly express their discomfort. However, there was a level of mutual respect that made the evening really enjoyable, before and after the swimming pool event.

One of the conclusion of this evening is that naturism exposure and discussion are in the hands of naturists. It’s not about convincing rationally others to become naturist or even “try” naturism. It’s about sharing naturism and nudism by exposing what it is and living it openly. It’s about talking, asking and being. Let’s all do it!

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude, and Share the Nude Love!

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  1. Experiences like yours must be more common than we would normally expect. The first time it happened to me was during the streaking fad of the early 70s. In the beginning, a few took off their clothes for a quick run, but as others joined in, the reasons to get dressed were lost. Many of us simply stayed nude. Nudity became more common even after the fad faded.
    Thanks for the story.
    Stay Safe, Stay Bare,

    • Hello Bobby. Thank you for your comment and for being a reader of Nude and Happy. I love being a nudist too. It’s the best possible lifestyle. Stay nude!

  2. It is somewhat acceptable to be nude in the Castro district of San Francisco. This year I decided to get naked and walk around the Castro area totally nude (accept shoes). It was so liberating and no one seemed to care. I walked around nude for about two hours. I think most people are unwilling to be publicly nude but they are ok with someone else being nude. I hike nude all the time and “textile” hikers on the trails seem to accept my nudity.

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