An early morning run, naked as it should always be


Note, I wrote this post in May and it stayed in the draft version until I dedicated some time to edit it. It’s evergreen, though, and will, I hope, inspire you to get or stay in shape with the best possible outfit, your own nudity,

I had not run for more than a month. After a light surgery, the MD had advised me to wait for at least a month before running. So I patiently waited. As I was waking up in my sleepy house, I decided that the waiting was over. I stepped out of bed, went to the kitchen, drank a glass of water, put on some socks, laced my running shoes and opened the front door.

From the previous description, you can guess that at the exception of my running shoes, I was entirely naked. It is my preferred outfit for running. Despite spring, it was still the month of April and the sun had just risen, so it was not the best time to just stay still. I opened the front gate and started running to get warm as fast as possible. Well, fast was not on the program. For this first run after a long period of rest and recovery, I made up my mind for a short loop, 4K will do, at a slow pace, 8-minute per kilometer. The feeling of going back to run was so good that I started a little bit faster and broke sweat pretty rapidly.


The sun was lighting the top of the trees and I knew I was about to be hit by its rays at the next curve. the glowing light hit my naked body and pulled a smile on my face. I was back! Running is addictive, every runner knows this. Nudism is addictive too. Add the two addictions and you’ll get an ever stronger one. For most people, even nudists, running naked seem odd and uncomfortable. However, this is not knowing the wonderful machine that is the human body. And no, our loose body parts don’t hurt when running. Actually, they have natural mechanism that make all the male attribute shrink so they don’t wingle back and forth. The only issue I know about is for some women with hearvy breasts. However, if you strengthen your chest muscle and refrain wearing bras, it seems that can soon wave away the sport bra and discover the incredible comfort and freedom that running naked provides.

I soon realized that I left home with no cover-up. Not that I generally need one, but you’ll never know who you gonna meet and some people are not nudist friendly, be it farmers, other runners or just hikers, frequent in the region. At this early time of the day, the risk of bumping into someone was almost nil, so my mind wandered away and I checked my pace and my sensations. My body was working and despite my thighs reminding me that I had not properly exercised for a while, my heart was pumping blood in my veins steadily and my legs were perfectly working.

I was fifteen minutes in my run when I heard some noise afar. This was probably a tractor going though the vineyards and a panache of dust lit by the rays of the sun proved me right. I had imperceptibly slowed down, so I accelerated slightly to get pack to my original pace that was closer to 7’45” a kilometer. it was slow for me who used to run below 6′, but I knew it was a matter of time and training before going back to faster paces.

No Possible Return

I’m often asked by people whom I share with that I’m running naked, why I’m doing so? A sound answer is difficult to give, particularly to non-nudists, a.k.a. textiles. For textiles, nudity has to be limited to intimate settings. So before explaining naked running, you need to explain nudism, a.k.a. naturism. For many nudists, nudity needs to be confined to clubs, resorts and official nude beaches. And even in those settings, most would never run naked. For me nudity should be able to be enjoyed everywhere you don’t need clothing for physical protection and any sport that do not require such protections can, and should, be practiced entirely naked. Nudity provides exceptional physical comfort, as our body was never meant to be clothed in the first place. Getting back to this natural obviousness makes us rediscover this truth: we are physically built, and have evolved, to be naked.

I was just over half-way and my heart still continued pumping my blood, I was now comfortably sweating and my rhythm was regular. I was at the bottom of a long climb in the shades of pine trees and although I could feel the difference in temperature, my body was warm enough to remain comfortably naked. Although you realize this phenomenon when clothed, you live it acutely when totally naked. You understand why our body is an incredible machine that is not made to be covered by extra layers of fabric. When running naked, sweat evaporates or drops, and it not captured by the fabric of clothes. Your skin breathes and comfort sinks in.

I was now on my last downward leg, warmed up again by the rising sun. The sky was blue, I could see the mountains on the horizon, I felt great. I knew the days and weeks ahead will bring me some more training, more runs, more joy. I arrived home, and did some stretch moves on the lawn facing the sun. I took my shoes off to feel the grass on my feet. I had ran just above 4 kilometers at just below 8 minutes per kilometer. It was not a championship pace, far from it, but it was a small personal victory that was putting me on track. It was now time for a good coffee. The house will be waking up soon and new working day would begin. Naked runs were back on my agenda!

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

Photo by Hipkicks on Unsplash


  1. Marc, thanks for the nice read. I wish I could walk out of the house and walk, run or bike with only socks and shoes without issue. I am envious of your location, freedom and spirit. In my mind I am seeing you running in higher elevation through the hills and wine region of Northern California.

  2. Aloha! Back when I go run, I did so early in the morning (before dawn), my favorite time – no dogs, people, etc. Nude, carrying a pair of light shorts in case… When knee and foot problems forced slowing to a walk, do so nude. Currently can’t walk far due to back, but hopefully will be able to do so again!

  3. Marc, I enjoy reading each installment of your newsletter. I’ve recently been practicing meditation and yoga each morning nude. Make coffee, lunches for the kids and myself before anyone wakes up. It is a great way for me to experience joy and recharge! But, like most people in the USA we can’t just go outside nude!
    I would love it if we could! I do try to sneak in a good hike or skinny dip when I can. Thanks.

    • Thank you Andrew. Wonderful you discovered nude meditation and yoga, and add them to your morning routine. I heard some natural parks in the US tolerate nudity. Hope you can find some secluded locations to enjoy nude walks and runs.

  4. Hi Marc. Living here in the UK I’m on the coast, but unable to leave the house naked, but can be naked within five minutes. Being naked is a beautiful feeling, but never been one for jogging, walking yes ( naked of course )

    • Hello. Here in the UK (Not sure about Wales) simply being nude does NOT conflict with criminal law. Police call handlers have all been told that if a sighting of a naked person is received and the only complaint is regarding his or her nudity, then they should advise the caller that no laws are being broken and that the attendance of an officer is neither necessary nor appropriate. Check the BN or NAG websites for confirmation if you want to see it in writing. So unless you don’t want to destroy relationships with neighbours go ahead and start your run in the way you prefer.

  5. Very jealous! Thoroughly enjoyed this and wish I could….I did ask at my local gym about naked exercise sessions and you can imagine the incredulous look I received. Good luck and good running

    • Hey Mike. Thank you for sharing your story. Beyond the incredulous look, did they agree to think about it? It would be awesome to get a slot where you and other fellow nudists can work our in the buff.

      • Sadly they said they wouldn’t as nobody had ever asked before so there was no demand for it, I should of asked how many people they would need for it to be considered but I was left with the feeling that it was a closed matter.

  6. “For many nudists, nudity needs to be confined to clubs, resorts and official nude beaches.”

    Yes, sadly there is only a minority of naturists who enjoy and practice real body freedom. So many who call themselves “nudists” confine their nudity to rare vacations at “recreation” venues. The whole concept of enjoying ordinary life naked in everyday life in everyday places, and demanding freedom do do so as a fundamental human right to control our own bodies, goes against the commercial “nudist” limitations.

    My old knees don’t run so well any more, so I bicycle naked on public paths and trails. Freedom to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air on our bodies is a fundamental human right.

    • Thank you Greenbare Woods. Yes, nudity should be a fundamental rights, totally agree with you. It’s crazy that people became scared about their own naked bodies, seeing it as a sexual objects… We need to adapt and keep evangelizing the incredible comfort of simple nudity.

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