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It seems nudism is “en vogue” and many new nudist sites and blogs are popping up on the internet. I just love discovering new blogs that provide new and fresh views on our lifestyle. Here are a few I’ve been following up recently that fit right into what I think nudism is.

Blogs and personal sites

Majestic Pathways – The tagline says: “The journal of a teen age girl trying to grow up as naked as possible in California.” The title, Majestic Pathways, is intriguing in itself. But the moment you reached the site, you know you are on something different. The beauty of the drawing and the quality of the writing make you realize that this blog is very different from many others. I’m happy that Valerie started again sharing her nude stories after quite a pause. A blog that you’ll definitely bookmark and will wait eagerly for new posts.

Everyday Nudist – The blog says it’s about “A everyday man and his thoughts on nudism and life.” It’s written and managed by Ryan, a nudist who lives in Spokane, Washington, and shares his experience about nudism to encourage others to try. The site is organized around three main parts: a photo gallery, a blog, and sites visited and reviewed. Ryan posts regularly and shares his experience of nudism with simplicity. Another great site to bookmark and visit regularly.

Get Naked With Joy – Joy Nelson is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, has a holistic approach to life and focuses on the power of self love and acceptance. Get Naked with Joy is her site focused on her journey and ideas to help life live your way. It’s a beautiful blog with very well thought and written posts, illustrated by beautiful and artistic picture of Joy herself. As she writes: she’s ” radically honest, sensitive, brilliant, and blunt.”

Sensual Nudist – Sensual Nudist is another blog written by a woman, Alexis James. With her blog, Alexis wants to “promote nudism, write about nudism, share our stories, the changes we’ve made, the better people we’ve become, and how we can incorporate nudism into our everyday lives.” She wants to normalise naturism and refuse to be censored. Despite some unfrequent posting, Sensual nudist is a very sensitive blogs with views and opinions about nudism that you may not find on every other blogs about nudism. Another great addition to our nudist resources.

Social Networks

With the censorship happening with Facebook and Instagram, there’s a growing need to find online space for nudists and naturists. There are some of those new places that have been popping up lately. Here are three I found and am member of.

Naturist Go – The latest addition to the few online nudist communities. Naturist Go is a pretty standard online community with news feed, groups, blogs, list of events, photos and of course the ability to make connections. Once registered, you can enhance your profile with many information and photos. Naturist Go embraces the nudist spirit and has no tolerance for sexual oriented content, which is great. Being brand new, the number of members is still low and interactions unfrequent, but the founders are active in increasing membership. Give it a few more months and Naturist Go can become a nice platform to e-meet other naturists and exchange about our preferred lifestyle.

Me We – Me We positions itself as the replacement of Facebook. If Me We is free and can remain free if you chose so, it proposes also premium access for a monthly fee. As we say, when it’s free, you’re the product, with Me We and a paid membership approach, Me We is the product. Me We is not a nudist social network per se, but does not apply the censorship Facebook applies nor collects its users data. It provides an interesting alternative for Facebook and allows nudists to expand their message by not being in a closed social network. There are a few nudist groups and conversations happening on Me We. It’s a good place to be to meet other nudists.

Naturist Hub – Naturist Hub is by invite only. Like many other social network, at the Naturist Hub you’ll find newsfeed, groups, discussions, a list of naturist events, you can post photos and videos, customize your profile, and write blog posts. Naturist Hub as a zero tolerance for hate (#NoHate) and porn (#NoPorn), and #MuchRespect policy. It entirely respects the naturist ethos and it’s very pleasant. Some members post more than others, but discussion are very quiet. Overall, it’s a wonderful naturist haven, very quiet, but friendly and very safe.

Voilà. The more nudist resources online the better. If you’ve found others that I’ve not yet bookmarked, just let me know in the comment below. Of course, if you have any experience with those resources above, just let us know as well.

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay


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