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When speaking about nudism to others, I often mention “simple nudity”. As a nudist, I don’t view nudity as something unusual, strange or abnormal. Nudity is usual, natural and totally normal, as long as it is not used for anything other than just being naked. This is the theme of this part. I’m going over what it means to be naked in a nudist context.

This is a really important part as this should set the base for family-friendly nudism. Nudism should be able to be shared by multiple generations from kids to grandparents. Nudism, even though it seems a simple topic, opens the door to many questions regarding our own bodies and this is the ultimate guide to our own body seen by anybody.

Plain Nudity

Plain nudity means nudity without ornament, undecorated. Plain nudity is what a nudist means when he or she’s naked. Plain nudity is the state I’m in when I take off all my clothing. When I say all, I mean all, including underwear, all your skin being exposed and in direct contact with the air.

Plain nudity is a prerequisite to nudism. Leave all your clothes and you are plain nude. This is fairly simple to understand. One of the first questions I am asked when I talk about plain nudity to textiles is whether jewels are considered as clothing. It’s a very good one that I’m addressing later. For the moment, let’s not consider jewels as pieces of clothing. Your watch, earrings, rings, bracelets and so on, are ornaments that you can take off to be plain nude.

Now, when I’m plain nude, I keep a watch, my wedding ring and my spectacles, and I still consider that I’m plain nude. Plain nude means no clothing is hiding your skin, including what is generally considered your private parts. Plain nudity is the state you are in or should reach when you enter nudist premises. By nudist premises, I mean a nude beach, a nudist resort or your own home, if it’s a nudist haven (more on this in chapter 9). Plain nudity in a nudist setting leads to simple nudity.

Simple Nudity

Simple nudity is nudity for its own sake. Simple nudity does not seek approval or does not lead to any other behaviours that just being naked. Simple nudity allows you to carry everyday tasks that you could have done clothed if you had not been a nudist.

Simple nudity is the nudity when you go skinny-dipping. Simple nudity is the nudity you’re in when you are cooking in the nude. Simple nudity is the nudity you’re in when you are playing pétanque, tennis or golf. Simple nudity is the nudity you’re in when you are watching television or playing video games. Simple nudity is the nudity you’re in when you’re having a drink with nudist friends.

Simple nudity is the nudity that you forget you’re in because it’s your state of being. Simple nudity is the nudity you’re in when it does not mean anything other than just being naked. Simple nudity is the nudity that has no sexual meaning or does not lead to lewd behaviours.

Simple nudity is the nudity that you can experience in a family-friendly nudist environment. In such a place, kids, parents, young adults, teenagers, and grandparents can all be together entirely naked, without feeling judged nor threatened by their total lack of clothing. Simple nudity is what is implied and expected by default in any nudist setting that does not explicitly tolerate sexual behaviours or attitude.

The Never-Ending Discussion About Hair

First timers and newbies often ask about hair or the lack-of. It’s true that shaving, waxing or permanent hair removal has been on the rise, including in the naturist communities. Probably popularized by porn and hygiene considerations, many naturists, men and women shave or wax their pubic hair.

In every naturist forum, you will find endless discussion about hair, and whether it should be waved, shaved or trimmed in naturist settings. The classical answer is to do what you want, nobody really cares. And it’s true that the moment you step in a nudist setting, you will have all sorts of pubes, from the totally hairless to the totally bushy.

It’s a personal decision that will entirely be respected by other naturists. Some nudists think having a totally hairless pubic area is highly sexual and is done for sexual reasons. I don’t know as everybody may have their own reasons, and I personally respect them.

It seems that over the last years, hair is making a comeback after years of having disappeared. However, some continue to be totally hairless and this provides another layer of respectful diversity. So, do as you want, it’s your hair, it’s your body!

Jewels and Tattoos

The other big discussion is the one about body ornaments whether permanent like tattoos or temporary like jewels. Like hair, it’s a never-ending discussion, around what is acceptable and what is not. Is a Prince Albert less acceptable in a nudist setting than nipple piercing? Is “SLUT” tattooed about the pubic area acceptable in a nudist setting?

It is true that some tattoos and jewels are more sexual than others. It is true that in a family-friendly environment, some overtly sexual tattoos and jewels can create discomfort for some, particularly parents and children. Some tattoos may be seen as offensive also.

Having set some ideas, I want to push a little bit further the thinking process. There’s a difference between tattoos and jewels, and the human being who wears and displays them. I’ve met many people with overtly sexual tattoos and jewels that were nudists, respectful of others and were behaving in a very nice way. As the saying goes, you cannot throw the baby and the bathwater, and you should not judge a book by its cover.

My opinion is people are free to ornate their body the way they want and be nudists, as long as they behave in a respectful way will in a nudist setting. I know that some people will disagree and some resorts ask members to take out offensive piercings, and this is to be respected, though discussed.

Trying to playing the devil’s advocate, some people will see a hairless vulva as overtly sexual. Hence, many choices may be interpreted in a sexual way. Should this prevent such people to be respectful nudists? I don’t think so. Jewels, tattoos and hair are controversial topics in nudist environments, but this should not be a criterion to accept or not nudists. Only behaviours matter. Because, if we taint our judgement, why not tainting it also with fitness and the quest to “look good” naked?

Keeping Fit

One argument in favour of nudism is the absence of body shame. Nudism helps to be in peace with our own body and its flaws. No body’s perfect, and even the best body builder has always something to address he or she’s not pleased with. But what if I want to exercise to have the best possible body? Is it going against nudism values? Those are questions that are frequently asked.

I confess that I’m a fitness addict, after having been a marathon one for years. Do I workout to have a better body? Yes, I do, I want to have better defined abs, stronger shoulders and increase my flexibility. So a part of me is looking to get a better body and keep it as fit as possible, as I grow old. However, there’s another important aspect to fitness which is well-being. Not only physically, but also psychologically and emotionally. 

To me fitness is like having a good night sleep. If you don’t sleep well, the next day is generally not a great day. If I don’t exercise (I do in the morning), my day is not as productive. I tested this multiple times and there’s a direct correlation between my workout, or the lack thereof, my productivity and my mood.

Multiple scientific studies show the health benefits of exercise. So in the end, you may be a gym addict to enhance the look of your body, but you should become a gym addict for all the health benefits that come with exercise. So, even if nudism helps to get in peace with all of body flaws, exercise helps crafting a healthy body. If it helps creating a beautifully sculpted body, so be it. It’s an additional benefit.

Because of nudity, many nudists have an increased awareness of their own body. They also understand that all bodies are beautiful and accept all their flaws. With that in mind, they can decide, more often than not, to take care of themselves.

Taking Care of Oneself

A healthy life starts with a healthy body: what we eat, how we exercise, how we take care of our skin… Nudists don’t hide their bodies under layers of clothes. They see what their body looks like, and can make informed decision about taking care about themselves.

I want to share my personal care routine to inspire you and give you ideas, around seven core activities to do it possible on a daily basis. Decide when, why and how you do things, but take care of yourself.

Eating. I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible, organic, a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. I’ve reduced my meat consumption over the years, but I’m still a meat and fish eater. However, I’d rather have less but of top quality that the cheap, hormone-filled, industrial meat. Same with veggies and fruits: eat seasonal, fresh, top quality.

Exercising. I work out or run six days a week, thirty minutes to over an hour, strength, flexibility, cardio. I’m always naked, including for running. When I cannot run or exercise naked, I keep shorts and t-shirt minimal. I really dislike gym clothes, as I prefer to let my skin breathe and sweat freely.

Skin care. A lot of sunscreen when in the sun, but privileging shade when available. Sun is our source of vitamin D generation, but too much is bad. A lot of body lotion every day to keep my skin moisturized and in great condition. Note that your skin health is a consequence of the food you eat and your healthy habits.

Meditation. I meditate 10 to 20 minutes every day, always naked. Naked meditation allows me to calm the monkeys in my brain, to plan my days/weeks/months and to increase the quality of my focus time.

Sleeping. I sleep a minimum of seven hours, preferably eight hours every night. When I can’t get seven hours, I have a nap in the afternoon. Regularity is key. I go to bed between 9 and 9:30 and wake up between 5 to 5:30. If I have to attend a dinner or a party, I adapt my wake time accordingly.

Sex. As often as possible, as shared in Chapter 1. Potentially multiple times a week. Either with my partner or alone. This helps bonding and releasing tensions.

Reading. I read thirty minutes minimum every day. My reading routine is very simple. I get naked if I’m not already, find a comfortable spot on the couch or in the garden, and focus thirty minutes on a book, a magazine or a set of articles.

In all those activities, no internet, no screens, no distraction, hundred percent focus. You are going to ask, but when do I work or watch television, for instance. Well, I still work eight to ten hours every day, and I barely watch television. On the latter, maybe two or three hours every week, and exclusively a movie or a series episode.

The result is quite a healthy body and mind that allow me to stay calm, practice nudism on a daily basis and be my natural self, enjoying life, my family and my partner.

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Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

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  1. Great article. As a male who has piercings, tattoos, and a shaved body, I have and always will consider myself a true nudist. I get so turned off when people look at my body ornaments with discust or distain as opposed to accepting it as just being a part of me, who I am. Would you shun someone who’s had a leg or some other part of their body amputated? Or someone who may have a facial disorder of somekind? Of course not, because it is who they are. Thanks for the article and letting me have my say.

  2. G’morning… or whatever time it may be where you are…
    I love being nude, anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

    Regarding shaving:
    I shave everything from waist down. Yes, it is a personal thing. I started shaving many years as an avid hunter, being out in the wilds where such things as ticks and other creepy crawlies can latch on more easily to a haired body. I continued it for personal comfort, as well as for the same original reason with some jobs I’ve had over the years.
    Yes, some of it does have to do with personal hygeine. And yes, some of it does have sexual reasoning behind it… however, the sexual reasoning for it is not predominant, and only comes when into playduring sexual situations. And, on that note and during sexual situations, yes, I prefer my partner(s) shaved as well. When it comes to anyone else shaving or not, it really is a personal thing whether they do, or they do not. It is not for me to “judge” anyone for their personal choices when it comes to shaving or not shaving.
    As for those who are the mindset that ‘a totally hairless pubic area is highly sexual and is done for sexual reasons’, though they may be partially correct, they are not completely correct. As I mentioned above, I have my own reasons for shaving everything from waist down, the sexual aspect being the most minimal reason and easily put aside. I respect everyone for their own choices of shaving or not shaving. They should be respecting my choice.
    It seems to me that they are the ones with the issues, not those of us who do shave. They should also remove the sexual reasoning from their own minds.

    Jewelry, Piercings and Tats:
    Here again, it’s a respect others rights to adorn their bodies as they see fit for their own personal reasons. If you’re seeing and judging an individual for his/her jewelry, piercings, and tattoos, then it is you who have the issues, not the person whom you are judging… That person who displays a highly sexual tat, you do not know their story. That tat may have a deeply personal meaning and significance behind that tat. It may not even have a sexual meaning at all. That just might be your own issue, again, seeing something as sexual when it isn’t… That’s called Personal Perception.
    Either way, regarding shaved or not shaved, as well as jewelry, piercings and tats, it’s a deeply personal choice, and should be respected as such. It should be respected just as much as your choice to not shave, and just as much as your personal choices regarding jewelry, piercings and tats.

    Great article, as always!! Thank you.

    • Thank you Lance for having taken the time to write a long and insightful comment. I totally agree with you. Your body, your choice! The beauty of the world lies in its diversity!

  3. I enjoyed the article, very good! I am a bushy hair guy. In the past, when shaved, it itched LIKE CRAZY! Same for my wife! Retired old guy, mark me as a Simple Nudity guy.

  4. I try to read every one of your posts and I think this is one of your best, because it covers the most common “issues” amongst our community as well as the textile community. I also appreciate you writing it from your personal perspective yet without the “holier than thou” tone that many people use. As a male in a fairly healthy 65 year-old body, I go from completely shaven pubes to closely trimmed. It’s just whatever I feel like. Feeling a breeze or the ocean while completely shaven seems to make me feel “more naked,” though.

    I agree that the “natural” look seems to be making a comeback and to each their own, I say. The only thing I don’t care for is women with hairy armpits–or at least women with more hair under their armpits than me. LOL.

  5. Great article. Because my watch and ring are the kind of ornaments I wear when I’m in the textile world I personally don’t feel plain nude if I don’t take them off at the same time as my clothes.

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