Nude and Happy embraces the Naturist Symbol


Let’s collectively make the naturist symbol the way to display our love for naturism and recognized each other when we are not naked. Naturists and nudists from all over the world share the passion for nudity. We love being naked alone or with others, at the beach, at the club, in nature or within the comfort of our homes. When we are in a nudist environment, we know who the nudists are, but when we clothed, outside of any possibilities of being naked, how do we recognize each other?

Naturists are not a secret group or a sect but people who believe in the comfort of nudity, and in the fact that nudity can be stripped out of the stigma that society and cultural norms want to attach to it. People show support to their religion, political party, preferred brand, place or game, through various ways: stickers, t-shirts, flags, etc. However, when it was about naturism, no universal symbol existed.

The Birth of an Idea

An idea was born and executed by Björ (@IbanSaram) on behalf of #TeamNaturist on 18 August 2020 on Twitter: finding a naturist symbol using the power of the crowd (you can read the whole history here). After a few months, iterations and votes, the naturist symbol was born! It was designed by Jacob Braun. Let’s read his views about it: “The two-color design is simple enough to reproduce, but also allows for it to be changed to all one color when necessary. The simplified backside of a body (bum and legs) could be obvious to ‘those who know’ but would otherwise look like water or waves to others. The design is gender, race/skin tone, and language neutral. The seven rays of the sun represent the seven continents.”

At Nude and Happy, we have decided to embrace and promote the Naturist Symbol. You can do too, as the symbol is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 and can be downloaded in various formats, including vector to allow high-resolution images. Use it on your web properties and everywhere you can stick it!

How to use the Naturist Symbol?

We see many ways to use the naturist symbol to show our support to nudism and the naturist lifestyle. Here are some we thought about inspired by the Naturist Symbol site:

  • Sticker. Definitely on all my cars (pictures to come once we get the stickers).
  • T-shirt. I have a couple of nudist t-shirts, but I deserve a new one when I need to get a piece of clothing on my shoulders.
  • Cap. I wear caps when going out in the sun, this will be my cap of choice (I lost my previous nudist cap).
  • Beach towel. This is a no-brainer.
  • Mug. I love to have my morning coffee in a nice mug, while strolling around the house and the garden naked, this will be the mug for it.
  • Laptop cover. The way to protect my Mac and show my love of nudism wherever I bring it (starting with all my clients).
  • Bottle. The one I use for the office to keep my water cool.

I’m sure that I’ll find many other ways to use it and would love to read and see how you are going to make the symbol yours. Do not hesitate to comment in the section below.

To conclude, use the naturist symbol wherever and whenever you want to display your love for naturism. We need more opportunities to discuss naturism and bring more people to it. Displaying the naturist symbol is one of those ice breakers that are easy to use. Let’s collectively make the world a more nudist-friendly place!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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