What to do if I get aroused?


This article is primarily intended for male readers of our blog, but female readers will also find interesting information here, either to help their spouses or friends, or to know how to react to a man with an erection. An erection is a physiological reaction to sexual arousal. Men also know, early in life, that an erection can happen without you realizing it. They can also go as quickly as they come.

This article gives you a guide to managing your erections. Proven by years of naturism, you can adapt it to your reality, without shame and without asking yourself questions. It is important to note that this is not about giving medical advice and that if you have any sexual or erectile dysfunction, you should see a doctor. This article is intended for unwanted erections as part of a non-sexual naturist activity, and only those erections. The usual precautions being taken, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Being Conscious

You are comfortably lying on your towel, sitting in an armchair or taking a walk, and you feel your penis swelling with blood and slowly rising up. This is a normal and natural physical phenomenon. But why while you’re not thinking about sex, does your penis goes up? The causes can be multiple.

It may be that your gaze has met a particularly attractive person and your brain is responding to this visual prompting with unconscious sexual arousal. Whether you like it or not, this is one way our brains are wired, to ensure the reproduction of the human species.

It could also be that your brain has rethought a situation that generates excitement. We have hundreds of “parasitic” thoughts in a day. Some just pass, others hang on. It may also be that the wind on your skin and the relaxation of your naturist stay cause arousal that turns into sexual arousal.

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Whatever the reason that caused your erection, there are two things to achieve. The first is to become aware of this erection. The second is not to put your hands up to your penis in an attempt to block the flow of blood or make your penis fall back. This last action will undoubtedly have the opposite effect, touching it having a function of strengthening the erection.

So be aware of the tumescence of your penis, without paying it attention. The important thing here is to realize what is happening, full stop, for now anyway. The first thought that crosses your mind may be that someone notices your erection. If this is possible, it is in fact unlikely. Naturists do not have a frozen gaze on the crotch of other naturists.

Erection Is Not An Authorization

Erection is definitely related to arousal. What sets us apart from other mammals is our ability to think, without being guided only by our instincts. An erection does not mean you need to have sex right away.

If naturist spaces are not asexual, they are not spaces in which exhibitionism and voyeurism are tolerated. So there is no question of masturbating or making love to your partner, in full view of everyone. In most naturist spaces, sexual behavior can make you expel, or even report you to the police for sexual exhibition.

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Having an erection is a natural event. This is not, however, an implicit authorization to have sex, in the sight and knowledge of other naturists. If you feel the need to indulge your sexual arousal, you should do so in the privacy. The normal rule in this kind of case is that of the consent of others. If those present have given their consent, then all is well. This is not usually the case.

So what to do? Think of something else, lie on your stomach and continue to go about your business! It’s that simple. We have the ability as a thinking being to move on, to not succumb to the call of sex. Excitement yes, permission no!

Moving On

If you’re at the beach or the pool, lie on your stomach and focus your attention on something else, like a good book. You can also go swimming. If you have your towel handy and can wrap your waist in it, do so. If neither of these strategies is possible, pretend nothing has happened and just keep doing what you were doing.

However, there is one trick that works very well: breathing. If you are used to meditate, this will be easy for you. Sitting or lying down, focus on your breathing. Be aware of the air going into your body, going into your lungs, and then out. Focus on this flow. Feel the air entering and exiting your nose, throat, and lungs. Take a few deep, generous breaths, and breathe out slowly, taking your time. Normally, after about ten deep breaths, your erection will be gone.

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While the situation can be a bit awkward, the best strategy is to forget it and move on. Indeed, it is with an erection like a scar or a birthmark, for example. You think that other people will only see this, whereas the vast majority will not notice anything, or at least will act as if nothing has happened. It’s not the erection, the scar, or the stain that catches the eye, it’s the attitude.

As long as your attitude is respectful, chances are your erection will go unnoticed. It will then disappear as it came, just as naturally. To conclude this article, while it is true that an erection is a fear of many naturists, it occurs very rarely. But as we have seen, fear doesn’t avoid danger, and it can happen unexpectedly. Then tell yourself that nothing is more natural, don’t be ashamed of it, just don’t make it a point of attention and behave normally, without exhibitionist will, and you will be fine.

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  1. The automatic erection always happened to me too the first times I started undressing. When my penis got used to being naked thanks to nudism, the problem disappeared. However, I don’t think erections are something to be ashamed of, and I don’t think it’s right to hide either. I don’t see anything exhibitionistic in playing a game of volleyball, despite having an erection, if we are not ashamed of showing the limp penis, why should we hide for an erect penis?. An erect penis does not mean sexual desire and even if it were sexual desire there is nothing wrong with it. The important thing is not to exceed certain limits such as masturbating or having sex in public. An erect penis is something natural and should not be a source of shame or something to hide. Why should I cover myself with a towel or jump into the water?. In this way I believe we fuel body shame. At this point you might as well wear your underwear.

    • Thank you federico. I totally understand and support your views. Your comment made me think about erections in a different way. However, I’m not sure naturists are totally prepared to this. However, it’s a great point of view worth considering. Thank you for your contribution.

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