Naturist Thought #97 – Longevity


Many people have been trying to increase human life. Of course, we all would like to live as long as possible in good health. In an article published in Psychology Today and entitled The Naked Truth About Longevity, Prof. Kravitz, from the University of New Mexico reveals the secret of longevity: minimizing stress, maintaining physical activity, keeping your brain active, socializing, and laughing more.

IF you’ve ever spent some time in a naturist setting, all this can be applied and even magnified. Spending time in nature is a well known way to reduce stress (read this article from the American Heart Association), spending time naked in nature adds another level of stress reduction, IMHO.

Naturism is inherently a social activity and many clubs organize activities both for the body and the mind to keep fit and alert. So can naturism be a good way to increase longevity? I do believe so. Naturism knows no age, no gender, no religion, no sexual orientation and no color. What if it could lead to a longer and happier life?

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by fred crandon on Unsplash

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