Naturist Thought #89 – Ignorance


I wanted to continue the series of naturist thoughts I started earlier this year and bring it at least to 100 as I prepared 100 topics. So here it is. I am leveraging the quietness of the season to get back to the keyboard and continue putting my thoughts on this blog.

Ignorance is big issue with naturism and nudism in general. Because a lot of textile categorize the naked body as something inherently sexual and to be hidden, they ignore the basic feeling of happiness that comes with being naked without shame or sexual thoughts.

Ignorance is defined as the lack of knowledge in general or about a particular topic. I feel being ignorant is being lazy as information about any topic can be accessed easily and free of charge these days. We are lucky to be able to get educated on any topic by just searching on the internet and getting free information accessible on any device at any time, mostly for free. So ignorance should disappear.

But ignorance sometimes hide the willingness to ignore or the inability to learn, by choice or culture. When it comes to naturism, ignoring the incredible sensation of the wind and the sun on the naked body is sad. Ignoring the awesome feeling of freedom when roaming in nature totally naked is missing a heavenly feeling. Ignoring that body and shame should be separated is adding an artificial burden on one’s shoulder.

Ignorance is sometimes a political choice, used by many populists, fascists and dictators. It’s interesting to see how political power shut down the internet access when they want to avoid news to spread or opposition to gather forces. Keeping people in ignorance is a way to exert power on them. Shame comes often with ignorance. It’s easy to blame something or somebody we don’t understand. For naturism to be widely accepted and understood, we, naturists, need to fight ignorance about our lifestyle and spread the word by telling the world that naturism is bliss, awesome and so natural!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels


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