What’s the difference, being naked or not?


This is an update from a previous article, posted on November 14, 2016. While jogging clothed a couple of weeks back, I did not feel totally comfortable. Even though, it was a busy week-end on the track, I felt the necessity to get naked and continue running in my birthday suit. After a a short while, I felt more free, my body was pumping new sources of energy. Undressing made all the difference. I remembered this article and decided to update it to reflect on what really makes the difference between being naked or not.

I’m often asked the question: but what’s the difference being naked or wearing just a swimsuit for instance? The question came back to mind as I was already taking off my short during one of my morning jog, to continue naked.

At that precise moment, I felt at the same time very good, more free and my true self, and this was exactly the answer to the “what’s the difference question”. However, it’s difficult to explain to a non naturist, what does “very good” and “more free” mean? Can’t you feel very good clothed? Yes, probably. So, in order to explain what’s the difference, I will take a couple of examples that explain it.

Warm and inviting as a fireplace in winter

Imagine you spend a couple of hours outside in the cold. You are well dressed, it’s snowing and the cold bites you. While you like winter, you start thinking about the fire and a hot chocolate/coffee/tea in front of the fireplace.

firewood in flameThe moment to come back home arrives. You enter the house, take your jacket, gloves and boots off, and head to the lounge, where logs burn in the fireplace. The warmth of the fire is incredibly pleasant. You feel “very good”! You can feel the warmth of the fireplace radiating in your body. You cannot but smile at the difference there is between the bitterness of the cold outside and the comfort of the warmth of this fire.

If you’ve lived in a cold country in winter, you’ve probably experienced this feeling. This is the exact same “very good” I felt when I took my short off and got naked. The moment your body gets naked, something, like the warmth of the fire, penetrates your body and soul and creates this feeling of “very good”.

Refreshing and relaxing as a swimming pool in summer

Imagine your spend a couple of hours outside in the hot summer day of a tropical country. You are lightly dressed to protect you from the sun. While you like summer, you start thinking about the swimming pool and the moment you will dive into it.

woman leaning on white concrete surface beside swimming pool during daytime

The moment to come back home arrives. You enter the garden, take your t-shirt, short and shoes off and dive into the swimming pool. The water is at the perfect refreshing temperature.  You feel “very good”! You swim a few strokes and lean on the side, relaxed.

If you’ve spend time in a warm country in summer, you’ve probably experienced this feeling. This is the exact same “very good” I felt when I took my short off and got naked. Getting naked, feeling the air on your skin carries the same physical and psychological message of a cool water around your body. The air on your bare skin brings this feeling of “very good”.

No shame, just no clothes

Naturism is about feeling good in your birthday suit, and this piece of clothes, how small it may be, makes whole the difference. It’s subtle, it may be seen as ridiculous, but this is what a naturist feels between wearing something and being naked.

Many naturists will tell you their mood changes the moment they drop the last piece of clothing. They feel incredibly liberated. This may not happen when you discover naturism. You need to get completely at ease being naked outside and with others. However, the moment, nudity becomes your new normal, it brings with it this feeling of “very good”. This makes all the difference between a piece of clothing, even small, and nothing at all.

A lot has been written of the various benefits of naturism, including many posts on this blog. And the first reason for me and for many naturists I know has always been: if feels good! And yes, a small piece of clothes makes all the difference! But there’s no way to really explain it than to experience it. By embracing naturism you will discover this feeling of “very good”, but more, you will want to experience it as frequently as possible. This is the moment when you know you are a naturist, in my humble opinion.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Maurice Sahl, Anna Demianenko on Unsplash, Engin Akyurt from Pexels


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