Naturist Thought #80 – Cover-up


Being naked, having naked activities and living a naked life requires one essential item: the towel! It’s common to see nudists walking around their towel on their shoulder. The towel is used for obvious hygienic reasons when one wants to sit. However, let’s be practical, a towel is not always the best item to sit on and to carry around.

With the advent of microfiber items, towels have evolved, and we can find microfiber towels as well. Add to the equation that some towels come with a relatively small size, you have the perfect naturist item: the microfiber towel, which can be used as cover-up.

Do you want to go on a naked hike? Bring your microfiber towel. Do you need to wander around the resort and be able to sit wherever you want? Bring your microfiber towel. Do you love driving naked? Sit on your microfiber towel. You can find very low-cost microfiber towels at your waist size and almost any length, color and finish. Sew a hook and loop fastener and you have the perfect cover-up for all your naturist activities.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Evan Phillip on Unsplash


  1. I concur with the driving and seating…But I have taken a decision..because we as nudists do still at times have some reservations about being naked and seen or caught..whenever I hike..I go fully naked..clothes locked away…no when I do run I to people..and I have…even into police platoons doing rout marches…I have nothing to cover up with…so I am forced to be naked…and I cannot cover up…it actually breaks barriers that way,and I use it for a teaching opoetunity.

    • Thank you Bernard for your comment, and for having taken the time to leave a trace on this blog. I fully agree with you and understand the teaching opportunity. I think it makes perfect sense when hiking in a group. Unfortunately, when hiking alone, a lonely nude male can be seen and perceived as an exhibitionist and this may lead to the nearest police station. We however need to relentlessly continue to teach textilists that nudity is totally normal and natural, nothing to be ashamed or afraid of.

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