Naturist Thought #65 – Natural


Nudity is a natural state. There’s not much to be said about nudity, although society makes nudity a state to be ashamed of. If we were to reconsider our interaction with nature, accepting instead of dominating, we would see nudity fitting in perfectly.

The moment we split sexuality and nudity in two, and consider nudity as our natural state, we stop being ashamed and feel much better naked. Non sexual nudity and naturism need to be explained to all our acquaintances if we want it to be widely accepted. We also need to demonstrate it more frequently.

Getting naked at home, on a hike or at the beach, should all feel natural. With all the hype surrounding climate change and environmental protection, it’s the right time to claim our right to be naked whenever and wherever we want, in a natural and normal way.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by M – Flickr: A, CC BY 2.0


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