Naturist Thought #58 – Doubt


We all have doubts. Shall we do this? Shall we to that? When it comes to getting naked, we may doubt it’s right to get naked where and when we want to get naked. For instance, I may doubt it’s wise to get naked while hiking. Or I may doubt to get naked on a hot day with some non-nudist friends around.

Life has taught me doubts will come and there are always healthy. Doubts require you to ask questions and look for answers. Doubts force you to take action. When it comes to getting naked, if nudity feels normal and natural to you, doubts will push you to ask your friends if it’s OK for you to go naked while they’re around. They will push you to find a way to cover up if meeting textiles while hiking nude.

Life is not having any doubt, it’s about providing sound answers and making reasoned decision. Naturism is a healthy and natural lifestyle, there’s no doubt about that. Getting naked often will make you happier. Don’t stop doubting, though, seek answers and take action.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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