Naturist Thought #44 – Stress


Stress is one of the health plagues of our century. At the same time, we need positive stress to move forward. Stress triggers the fight or flight response that we have been programmed with for hundreds of thousand years when human beings decided what to do when attacked by a saber-tooth tiger.

Stress needs to be balanced, as chronic stress leads to heart disease, weight gain or sexual dysfunction. Naturism is a great way to regulate stress. Every time you get naked, stress reduces as if it was tied to the clothes you left behind. By enjoying a few days in a naturist setting with like-minded people, you replenish your tank of positive energy. The site provides five self-care practices that will help you regulate your stress level.

Weave nudism into those five dimensions for an added benefit: physical, social, mental, spiritual and emotional. Sleep naked, exercise naked, meet other naturists for naked social activities, stay alert with mental activities, meditate or pray naked in the sun, and share your emotions with nudist friends. Naturism is a very healthy lifestyle that can greatly help you manage your stress level and cope with life challenges.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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