Naturist Thought #26 – Grass


I was walking barefoot on grass this morning. It’s incredible how soft grass is to the feet. I started doing some yoga movement as the sun was slowly going up, warming up my naked body. I did not use my yoga mat, but just lied on the grass when needed. It was comfortable to my skin, slightly wet and soft.

Nature, like everything in life, has two sides. It can be harsh to us when typhoon, earthquakes and lightnings strike. It can be nice to us, offering its fruits, its shade under trees and its soft grass to walk and lie on. There I was, lying on a soft bed of grass, breathing and inhaling all the goodness mother Earth has to offer.

I am always grateful and amazed at how relaxing, joyful and comfortable it is to exercise and practice yoga entirely naked in nature. You feel our body has been designed after hundreds of thousand years of evolution to provide strength and flexibility, without the need to extra layers of clothes. Our skin protects us, our muscles allow movement and our brain conveys joy to our soul. I smiled and enjoyed life!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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