Naturist Thought #15 – Hair


There has been an ongoing debate among naturists about shaving/waxing hair or not. Some like the smooth look, others the hairy one. Let’s stop a minute though. Beard or not? Armpits shaved or not? Leg waxed or not? All those hairy questions are personal choices. We can discuss them over and over, however, it’s purely personal.

Grooming is personal. I find grooming, a part of personal care. As you brush your teeth, or comb your hair, or take a shower, grooming hair enters the personal care realm. it’s a matter of self respect for our body, as well as our own personal way to be seen. Whether I shave/wax my hair is irrelevant from a naturism point of view. It’s my hair and my choice, not a matter of debate, as it does not hurt anybody or infringe the rights of anybody beyond myself.

I feel better when showered, clean shaved and groomed. I never heard anybody complaining at a nudist resort or on a beach that I need to grow my hair nor to be smooth to be allowed on the grounds. Respect is a key principle within the naturist community. Anybody who is spending sometime in a naturist setting will see there are hairless and hairy naturists, like there are hairless and hairy textiles. Diversity is the essence and the beauty of humankind, it applies to naturists.

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  1. I shave my pubic area, not because it may or may not look better but for most of my life I have been vulnerable to chaffing and I spent years painfully chaffed for at least 3 or 4 days every week and because I spend a lot of time on a motorcycle the chaffing is worse. In 2000 someone noticed me struggling to walk after riding 1500 kms to an event and they suggested that I try shaving as most of the long distance motorcycle racers do it for the same reason. That was in 2000 and I have only had one day of chaffing since and that was from a badly fitting pair of undies . I must admit I do get sick of the shaving and would love to find an alternative that was affordable, but until then I will keep shaving

  2. I shave my pubes regularly and occasionally my whole body from the neck down because I feel cleaner, freer and more naked when I come out of the shower clean shaved. Also I like the way it looks. When I’m clean shaved, I’m simply more comfortable.

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