Naturist Thought #10 – Friends


We need friends. Scientific studies showed that the number one factor to slow aging is having social relationships. Whether you love your loneliness or have a tendency to be shy, a set of good friends makes a huge difference to your well-being. What is better than friends? Nudist friends of course!

When you are a nudist, not all your friends embrace the lifestyle. However, those who do tend to get closer to you. Nudity breaks down a lot of barriers and nudists tend to be friendlier. The number one fear among many nudists is that their friend discover they are nudists. After years of pondering I came to the conclusion, the number fear should be they do NOT discover that we are nudists. The more we tell, the more nudist friends we have, and the more time we are to spend in our preferred suit, our birthday suit.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Funk Dooby from Kent, UK – Group of friends, CC BY 2.0


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