Naturist Thought #6 – Barefoot


Walking barefoot on grass is such a wonderful feeling. Some of you may not have the opportunity to walk around their garden entirely naked. If you can, it’s of course a great way to enjoy nude time. However, if you cannot, just walk barefoot on the grass. Feel the freshness of the grass.

I generally walk around the garden entirely naked every morning for a couple of minutes for pure and simple rejuvenation. Whether in the morning before breakfast, in the afternoon when I come back from work or at night before going to bed, I enjoy this moment of simple relaxation. It feels as if the earth was sharing with me its secret treasures. Feeling the earth and the air on the skin is such a wonderful feeling available to everybody.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love.

Photo by Rachel Woock on Unsplash


  1. There is nothing more relaxing the being nude outdoors. Normally I do it in the dark when no one else is awake. And being barefoot is all the time. I even cut grass barefoot. Most people think that crazy. But they just don’t understand

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