Naturist Thought #4 – Forest


Walking naked in the forest is an incredible feeling. As soon as I start walking in a nature setting, I feel the urge to undress. Sometimes, it’s a little bit risky and I keep a light short or sarong on, but I mostly wander in nature in the suit that it has provided me, my birthday suit.

There’s something that can be difficulty explained with words about being naked in nature and in forest particularly. You need to experience it yourself. If you are comfortable with your onw nudity, move to the next level by being naked outside in nature. What most people do not understand in the beginning is there’s nothing wrong with being naked in a natural setup. Being naked outside is normal and natural. Clothes are artificial human creation. Our natural way is going naked. Go and try it!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Imat Bagja Gumilar on Unsplash


  1. My Montana home backs up to National Forest. It’s pretty sweet to walk out of the house nude and stroll w morning coffee into theses woods. I feel so blessed

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