A Perfect Day, Naturist Or Not


Each person has its own notion of perfection. The perfect day that I describe in this post is neither the one you live or imagine as perfect. It reflects my personal experience and days. It encompasses the six dimensions of wellness: occupational, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional.

Adapt it to your personal and professional diaries. Get some ideas and make them yours. It will only become perfect when considering it perfect. The only constraint I dare say is to articulate it around the six dimensions of wellness. None is less important than the other. If one of the dimensions does not bring you the desired satisfaction, you will have to focus a little more.

In the text below, the “small” titles state the main dimension. They are reading indications to make themselves more aware of the current dimension.

Are you ready for this perfect day? Then let’s Go!

The beginning of the day


The alarm clock is ringing. A gentle music makes you get out of sleep . You appreciate the softness of the sheets on your naked body. You feel the presence of your spouse by your side, and squeeze your body against hers/his. Your feelings guide this intimacy moment.

After that cuddly moment, you get up to go prepare breakfast. Some fruits, cereals and cream cheese for a succulent muesli. Jasmine Tea. Half an avocado. You share this convivial moment together around the family table. Full of gratitude for this meal, Time for sport.


You lace up your shoes and go for a 40-minute jog. Nature never ceases to amaze you. Your body works well. You feel the wind on your naked skin. You’re in great shape. Back home, still sweaty, you take off your shoes.


You lie down on a lounger lit by the already high sun. You let your body sink into the cushions. Your mind focuses on the sensations of your body, your breathing and let go. You relax each of your muscles and enjoy this relaxation moment. You visualize the important moments of your day. It started well, it’ll keep going. After some time, you end your meditation session. The shower time has arrived.

In the shower, you pass your hands on every inch of your body. You take time to feel your body. You enjoy this sensation of your hands on your naked and moist skin. This intimate moment belongs to you. It connects you to your body as you thank it to give you so much happiness. Once dried, here comes the time of learning.

Professional Day

Intellectual and occupational

You sit at your work table, and read or browse the MOOC you registered to. You improve your art by learning new techniques. Taking pleasure in learning, you don’t see time going by. Yet, it’s time to produce, to put your talents to work. Your morning focuses on your business.

After a light lunch of fresh vegetables, lean meat and fruit, you are ready to get back to it. Giving you a ten-minute break every hour to stretch your legs, you realize all the goals you set for the day.

Personal Day


As you finish reflecting on your day, the bell of the garden gate rings. It’s friends who are coming for tea. You greet them with a big smile and invite them to make themselves comfortable. They lay their clothes on a chair while you are going to the kitchen to make tea. You sit in the garden to enjoy a friendly moment.

A few minutes later, your spouse comes home. He/She gets rid of his/her clothes, and joins you in the garden. You talk and have a great time with friends. Come the moment for your friends to leave, with always some regret. Your friends get dressed, and you walk them back to the gate. You join your spouse who stayed in the garden to talk about your day.

The end of the day


It is time to prepare dinner. You will start it, while your spouse is quickly closing his/her professional day. She/He then joins you to prepare the dinner . This is a privileged moment. You discuss your next vacation. Your gestures show tenderness to each other.

The diner, as was the breakfast, is a moment of relaxation. No television. An opportunity to meet in peace and serenity.


The table cleared and the kitchen tidy, you complete some professional business. These last e-mails to answer. This last document to read. This last appointment that needs some prepartion. The calm of the early evening is an ideal time to cut down the last parts of the day.

Intellectual and emotional

The working day is definitely over. You end up for a moment of discussion and relaxation. You finish organizing the next vacation, or search and decide on the next naked hike. Friends call to propose a weekend at the seaside, in this naturist campsite that you want to visit for a long time. You read a book next to each other, or watch a movie or a documentary on television.

Then, while you wind up, your intimacy grows and it’s time to leave you alone.


Would this day have been as perfect with clothes? No, for several reasons:

  1. The sensation of the sheets and the other naked body against yours is unique.
  2. Naked jogging allows you to better appreciate the sensations on your skin. It is very comfortable too. It is not always possible to jog naked, but a minimal outfit is a comfortable alternative. Look for small shorts for men, small shorts and sports bra for women.
  3. When meditating naked, no garments come to interfere. The sensations are more intense.
  4. No need for clothes when you can enjoy the intimacy of your home to work.
  5. Naturism is social. It knocks down all the barriers and increases the friendliness of the moment.

Some will change the order of the different activities. Good! It is important to make each day a fulfilling personal moment. It is important to incorporate the six dimensions of wellness. This will require some efforts at the beginning. Analyzing each day on the basis of these six dimensions and planning each day around them. It will soon become second nature. The richness of your days will amaze you.

Naturism will weave in well into these activities. It’s up to you to decide what you’re doing naked or not. Run some tests. Try naked, then dressed. Write down your feelings, your well-being, compare and decide. Everything is a matter of choice and personal well-being. I wish you a lot of happiness, naked or not!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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