I stopped seeing naked people and just saw people


Many non-naturists still think naturism is not for them. That it is either for weird people, or perfect body people, or any other group of exhibitionists. Of course, most naturists do not feel that way, and if there are, like in any other group, weirdos, perfect bodies and swingers, it’s a minority within our own minority. We are just doing any “normal” things and carrying “normal” activities, like “normal” people. The difference is that we love doing them naked. And it comes with good reasons that I, for instance, described in 12 reasons why I am a nudist.

However, when the mainstream press describes the naturist experience, it’s something we should cherish and share. The post What I learned about body positivity by running naked is one of those piece we should share widely. It explains a journey. A body positivity journey that passes through naturism and helps in accepting who the author was really. Two quotes in this article grabbed my attention. The first is the one I used as the title of this article:

I stopped seeing naked people and just saw people

It’s what mostly naturists feel when in a naturist environment. People sometimes mix naturism and exhibitionism. Anybody who went to a naturist resort knows that naturism is at the opposite of exhibitionism as there’s nothing sexual in being naked in a naturist setting. We are all people, and naturists are people who are comfortable being naked with others. Not for the sake of seeing or being seen, but for being comfortable in one’s own skin. And we are just normal people.

Social nudism isn’t about seeing and proving; it’s about experiencing.

And experiences are what we are all looking for. Experiencing nudism is experiencing an incredible comfort. Not only physical, but psychological. Knowing that we are who we are, despite our flaws, our imperfect bodies, our human nature. And the author of the article expresses this wonderfully with the following extract;

It’s not often in your life that large groups of people openly accept you and cheer for you despite what your body looks like or your physical ability. I’ve run many races, and that kind of genuine love and acceptance just isn’t there in the crowd.

This is what makes naturism such an awesome lifestyle. You are not judged by how you look, by how you dress or by the thickness of your wallet. You are just welcomed for who you ware, not what you are. This is a reason why naturists are smiling more, accepting more and friendlier. And it’s the story that we need to tell to non naturists. Naturism is all about acceptance, comfort and happiness.

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Photo by Mat Reding on Unsplash

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