The four seasons of naturism – Spring


Spring has been here for a couple of days and many posts on the blogosphere inspired this series of articles on naturism along the four seasons of the year. Of course, if you happen to live in a tropical country, this may not be relevant as you probably can live naked all-year long. However, if like many of us, you enjoy the experience of the four seasons, here are some food for thought on how to enjoy our lifestyle all year long.

Let’s start with probably the best season of all, spring. In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring starts on March 21 and ends with Summer on June 21. Three months during which days get longer and temperature raises. It’s generally the ideal season to spend more days naked outside, after winter.

Winter is generally a long gloomy season, cold and wet. However, there are some good days, and as we will see in the Winter post, there are still many opportunities for nakedness. With spring springing, it’s really time to open the windows wide and enjoy warmer temperatures. Here are some ideas for a naturist spring.

Breakfast. After a good night sleep, nothing’s better than a good breakfast. If temperature can still be chilly in the morning, naked coffee or tea is still a great choice. If you happen to have a breakfast table facing east or a terrace that is lit by the morning sun, here comes a great way to start the day.

Outside activities. Walking, running, gardening are all seasons activities, but spring is generally the first occasion to practice them again in your birthday suit. Why not paying a visit to your nudist club to give a hand to put back in place the material for the warm season and may be enjoying a game of tennis or volley ball? With the sun shining a little bit more and days getting longer, you have a wonderful opportunity to let the sun shine on your bare skin, preparing it for summer. A great time to invite friends and families for the first naked BBQ of the season and have new friends joining naked time together.

Inside activities. If you have not stopped any inside naked activities, spring is generally a good opportunity to clean the house upside down. I love to do this over a full week-end, where I take the opportunity to throw away or sell tons of stuff I do not need anymore, including clothes I know I am not going to wear anymore. Invite your friends to give a hand or to enjoy some naked dinner once cleaning’s over.

Club and naturist activities. As said previously, spring is a great time to go back regularly to your naturist club enjoying full week-end with friends. If you’re active in your club, you may have planned events over winter, it’s now time to enjoy those. First Saturday of of May is the World Naked Gardening Day for instance, plan something with friends in advance. Nudist planet has listed the many naturist events happening in the three coming months. Have a look at them! You will find music concerts, bare runs, bike rides and many other activities. Spring is a busy naturist season.

Overall, spring is a wonderful season with nature waking up after a long winter. It’s a great time to throw clothes away, spend more time naked and share the love of naturism with more friends. What will you do this spring to increase your naturist time?

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!

Image (c) Western Sunfolk Naturist Site, The Telegraph.


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