Looking for a naturist rental? Look no further!


If you are a naturist and travel all around the world for holidays or work, it may be difficult to find places where you can spend time naked. There’s a lot of B&B liked websites, and it’s a great way to find affordable wonderful places and meet new people but finding naked-friendly places is not an easy task. Well, look no further, as a naturist couple has decided to create an Airbnb equivalent for naturists: Naturist BnB.

NaturistBnBLogoAs the site about states: “We are a couple in our late 40’s who learn to enjoy naturist lifestyle years ago. Recently we started also as an Airbnb host. Anyhow we realized that Airbnb community does not really encourage naturist lifestyle. That inspired us to create a site dedicated to naturist holidays with ease and convenience of Airbnb. Hope you enjoy it!”

Not only, you will be able to find naturist B&Bs anywhere in the world (the site is growing, so expect more and more choices, but a lot of countries are already listed), you will be able to register your own naturist property. It’s a great way to rent that room or that house that you own to naturists, and make some extra money, while enjoying naked time.

I cannot but commend this great initiative that promotes naturism. It’s a wonderful way to meet new naturists around the world and stay in a naked-friendly environment. I look forward to being able to use Naturist B&B service for my next trip abroad.

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