Nudist idea #99: Have a set of Nudist mugs


Do you like your morning cuppa? What does your mug look like? I personally love my nudist mugs. Not only they are convenient for my morning coffee, but when friends come at home, they are great to use for shared coffee and tea.

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As for many other nudist apparels, you fill find dozens of online shops that sell nudist mugs. Just run a search on “nudist mug”, and you will find literally hundreds of design with different types of mugs. Either have a full set of the same mug, or, have different ones, just for fun. Whatever your choice, make sure to use them on a daily basis.

You will also find traveling mugs. Those are great when you commute. Fill it, jump into your car, and finish it at the office. It will be a wonderful ice breaker with your co-workers, showing your pride of being a nudist. It’s a great way to start the conversation and why not have some of your co-workers joining you at the club for a day. The more naturists, the better. Show the pride!

Do you have nudist mugs? Are you using them with your friends? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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  1. We have two nudist mugs. One with a picture of her posing nude on a beach and the other a picture of me walking on a beach with a cruise ship in the background. I added “Nude When Possible” to my mug.

    All of our friends and family are aware of our lifestyle and several have seen the mugs. One of them surprised me this past Christmas by giving me one of those steel insulated drinking glasses with the LA Chargers logo on one side and “Life Is Short, Be A Nudist” on the other. 🙂

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