Nudist idea #93: Launch a membership recruitment campaign for your club


Clubs need new members on a constant basis. On top of this, we need to spread the many benefits of social nudity to make nudism more accepted by society at large. What best way to do this that to recruit new members. Have a discussion with the president of the club and take the lead.

Image result for nudist club recruitmentRecruiting members can take many forms and does not necessary requires a lot of money. For sure you can purchase some ads in local newspapers, but there are chances this will not yield a lot of positive returns. The best conduit to recruit new members is through existing members friends and family. Before starting a recruitment campaign, make sure you have the three crucial ingredients of a successful campaign:

  1. Documentation that explains what naturism is and what your club has to offer.
  2. An up-to-date website with members testimonials, a description of all activities and a form to get more information for newbies.
  3. A set of volunteers who will greet new members, walk them through the facilities and make them comfortable.

You can imagine incentives for members bringing in new members as well, like a 10% discount on yearly fees for every 2 new members for instance. Or special gifts for members who are bringing the biggest numbers of new members.

You can also have “open door” events that you will publicize through local press release. On the day, all your volunteers should be ready to greet newcomers and take contact details, so the newbies can be contacted later to be sold memberships.

There are many activities that you can decide to do to recruit new members. These are just an overview. The point is new members will not come by themselves, if you want a successful club, make sure you recruit new members on a constant basis and that your activities are accepted by the neighborhood. Naturism is an awesome lifestyle, make it known widely!

Have you launched a membership recruitment campaign for your club? How was it? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


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