Nudist idea #87: Go and do your shopping naked


It’s funny that even in a naturist environment like a nudist resort or club, some people are reluctant to carry some activities naked. Shopping is one of them. It’s very frequent to meet clothed people at the supermarket inside your nudist resort! The main reason shared being hygiene.

It’s true that men need to be prudent when shopping naked as their penis can touch food. But once you get the idea, are paying attention, and, of course, have a perfect body hygiene, doing your shopping does not require any clothing. Now when you think of it, being in a naturist setting is all about being naked. And being “forced” to dress to do some activities defeat the purpose, somehow.

I find it, personally, more enjoyable to shed my clothing on day one and only get them back on last day. Between the two days, only a towel is necessary, if weather allows it of course. Furthermore, being naked while shopping is one step further in body acceptance, your own and others. It’s another activity that you discover does not require clothing. It may seem awkward at the beginning, but will become a second nature very fast, as all other naked activities. Shed your clothes, shop naked!

Are you shopping naked? How do you feel about it? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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Photo by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash


  1. We should as naturists be totally comfortable with nudity in all we do and never be required to wear clothing anywhere regardless of any activity. We only wear clothing unless we absolutely must or as required by law.

  2. We are following your naked ideas from day one and are completely following you until today. How often does one get the chance to shop in the nude? There are a few resorts in France and Croatia which actually offer the opportunity but otherwise we’ll have to get dressed like everyone else. Wouldn’t it be better to fight for our right to shop naked everywhere than to aim on the opportunity to shop naked in this or that resort?

    • I think people would appreciate you being able to remain relaxed. I’d heard that the shop owners prefer “something” , thong, gstring, being worn. I don’t think it’s too much to ask if it preserves the ability to go about the town nude.

  3. Shopping in large supermarkets totally naked and barefoot is very well possible in Cap d’Agde naked city in France. There are at least three large supermarkets, all of them can always be used without any clothing. This certainly is a great feeling, as such shopping is an ordinary activity turned into a very exciting event when done fully naked. At rush hours in the afternoon, with many people returning form the nude beach or naked foam parties, the supermarket in Heliopolis may be really full of naked couples, waiting closely together to check out. In this tolerant city, it is absolutely acceptable to wear penis rings, piercings or other body decoration as well. Some other nudist resorts offer naked shopping at a smaller scale, like Vera Playa, Arna and Euronat. We fully agree with this idea, that naked shopping is great pleasure and one would only wish it couls be done in more places.

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