How to start living clothes free


Living clothes free is all about enjoying being naked for a day, a week or life. It’s about being comfortable in our own body while alone, friends, family and strangers. It may sound weird. Who would want to get naked in front of others? And this is not the right question to ask, or at least, it should be shorted: who would want to get naked? The answer is anybody who consider nudity as normal and natural. This is all the nudists and naturists of this world, and this represents millions of people. The beauty of social nudity is that once you start, you never go back to wearing clothes when you can avoid them. So how to start?

The First Step: indoor

You probably get naked once or twice a day to take a shower or a bath, don’t you? Now, think about the following. What if after your daily shower, let’s take the evening one when you come back from work, you decide to stay naked. Yes, all naked, no clothes. You will watch TV, or prepare dinner, all naked!

What’s the purpose? Just to get used to being naked and doing something you are not used to do clothes free, like, as I wrote, watch TV or have dinner. Of course, this will be weird at the beginning. You will find something is missing, and you’ll be right, your clothes will be missing. However, pay attention to your sensations. How does it feel to be naked? Good and comfortable? Weird and uncomfortable?

If it’s the latter, it’s all normal as society and religion have generally taught us that nudity is bad. You’ll have to rewire your brain to teach it that nudity is good. There’s nothing inherently sexual about nudity, it’s all a construction of the perception society wants you to have. We need to deconstruct this and replace it with the perception that nudity is good, normal and comfortable. So what if, you are not 100% comfortable while nude but want to give it a try? This is normal, and as the saying goes, fake it until you make it! Get naked for 10 minutes, then get clothed and commit the next day to get naked for 15 minutes. Build this gradually. Don’t be in a hurry it will come, and at one point, you will not realize you are naked, being so comfortable!

Before jumping into our second step, one question remains. What if you are not living alone? Can you still do it? Yes! Of course, this will require another preliminary step: having the agreement of the people you are living with that you will spend some time naked. Let’s be clear, this can be too big an ask for many. Therefore you are left with remaining naked within your room for the time being, and move to step two faster.

The second step: outdoor

So, you are getting more and more comfortable being naked indoors, between the security and the comfort of your house. Here comes the time to get out! Yes, getting naked outside. I highly recommend your first outdoor venture to be a naturist resort for one reason: it will be a friendly fully naturist setting. You can chose a nudist beach, but risks exist that not everybody will be naked and that some voyeurs make you uncomfortable.

So, go online to your naturist federation website, pick the place you would like to visit, and get an appointment to come to the place. When I say to get an appointment is to call or mail them to know when you can visit and let them know you are new to naturism. This way, you’ll get welcomed, will be given a tour of the premises and the rules of the resort. It’s probable that on your first day, you will be given permission to keep your swimsuit or some clothing. I highly recommend to get naked as soon as possible. Look around and you’ll see only naked people, do like them! You are in a safe environment, and you’ll soon realize that nobody will stare at you if you’re naked. You are in a naturist setting and nudity is totally normal and natural.

There are chances your greeter will introduce you to other members while touring the facilities. Grab the opportunity to start making new friends. You will be able to go and speak to them later and ask them about their experiences as nudists. You will for sure discover a brand new world of freedom, joy and happiness. At the end of the day, you would have become a nudist for sure, particularly if you happened to do some activities, like hiking, swimming, or playing volleyball. If you have to go back home, keep this day in your memories. However, what you will keep in your flesh is the comfort of nudity that will stay with you forever. There are chances you will find any opportunity to stay naked in your home going forward now.

The third step: social

If you get used to your nudity in your home and spent a day, or many, at a nudist resort or club, you can be now considered a social nudist. The third step is though to come out the naturist closet to share with others your new lifestyle.

By others, I mean your close friends and family. You may want to keep it personal, however, if you really want to enjoy more naked times, you’ll have to share. No hurry though. Many naturists live joyfully without their friends and family knowing where they spend their holidays and week-ends. It’s your choice. The fact is you’re going to nudist clubs and resorts, you’ll get new nudist friends and you’ll have opportunities to get naked more often, for instance at pool or BBQ parties.

It’s a good idea though to invite the people you love, your good friends and family members, to share the nudist lifestyle. They may not understand it at the beginning and I recommend you use ideas I explained in my post 4 ways to explain to friends and family why you are a nudist. Whatever their choices, they’ll know you’re a nudist and will not be surprised if one day you are naked at home or at the pool.


So this is it. Starting a clothes free life all begins with a decision to get naked at home, then venture outside before embracing the lifestyle. Many has been written on the many benefits of the nudist lifestyle. All it takes is a decision to step out of your shower and stay naked. Are you ready?

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Thomas Q on Unsplash


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