Nudist idea #62: Have a naked canoeing day


It’s a hot summer day, and the river, lake or sea, some miles away from your vacation spot, is a great place to canoe for a full day! Naked canoeing is calling you. This kind of water activities, except if it has rapids (security), can be experienced naked.

Most of the times, you will need to wear life jacket, for obvious security purpose. However, since you will be sitting, your genitals and butt will be concealed to other viewing. For women, the life jacket will conceal their breasts. So once, after having started, stop a few hundred meters down the river or on the side of the lake, in a secluded spot, and put your swimsuit back in your waterproof box and enjoy the rest of the day naked.
One piece of advice though is to think about sun screening. It’s not because some of your body is concealed from others viewing that it’s from the sun rays coming from above. At any given time, you may have to come out of the canoe. My experience is that in most cases, if there are people around, they do not look at you and they do not care, or even do not realize you are naked. So if you have to stop for lunch, just a break or to have a swim, just stay as you are and enjoy the day and the water in the buff. Canoeing is one of those summer activities that I really enjoy and even more in my own skin.

Have you canoed naked ? How was the experience ? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below.

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Photo by Michael Niessl on Unsplash


  1. i would love to go on or have a naked canoeing day with a nude female person in her 20’s or early 30’s then at either the beginning, middle, end of the day she jerks off and sucks off my erect (hard) cock, dick, penis while i finger, lick, fuck her labia (vagina) vulva

    • Jason, I fully respect your views and your sexual choices. However, this site is dedicated to naturism and not to sexual fantasies. I would be grateful if you could refrain to share those here. I thank you for your kind understanding.

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