Nudist idea #60: Invite your best friend to spend a day at your nudist club


I went over speaking to your friends about naturism in the Nudist idea #6: Speak to your Friends about naturism. The next step is to invite your best friends to join you at your club, at least to give it a try for a day.

Asking does not guarantee success, nor accepting guarantees that your friend will embrace your lifestyle. However, if you’re not trying, there’s no chance that he or she will join you. The risk? That he or she does not like the idea of getting naked in front of you, or just do not like the day spent surrounded by other naked people. If this is a really good friend, this will be the end of the discussion, and you’ll stay best friends, but will not share naturism

On the opposite, he or she may be okay with the idea and may enjoy the experience of being clothes free. Think on how to make this day a great one. Organize the barbecue with his/her preferred food and wine. Setup a set of activities that he/she enjoys doing, like jogging, hiking, playing volleyball or pétanque. Whatever makes him/her happy with his/her day. The idea is really to demonstrate that naked activities are not only normal and natural, they are actually better than clothed ones. Then, at the end of the day, debrief the day. Ask him/her to rate his/her day, and ask if he/she would consider to join the club and embrace naturism as a lifestyle. If the day went well, there are good chances you will have made a new naturist.

Did you invite your best friend to spend a day naked at your club ? How did it go? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below.

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Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash


  1. Unfortunately for some of us in the northern hemisphere we cannot always be naked all the time, especially now during winter. Try as we might we do have to be reasonable and put clothing to keep as warm as possible. That being said, during the summer doing any kind of chores around the house is always better naked.

  2. I had a friend over at my home and he didn’t have pajamas and for the duration of the couple weeks he was by wanted to preserve keeping his daily clothing clean he surprised me he came to bed nude and this was before I was a nudist than I figured since he was nude in front of me I surprised him and was nude in front of him I love the idea of being seen nude

  3. Invited an old friend (same gender) and an adult sibling (opposite gender) to attend local nude beach with my partner and I. Both politely declined. ?

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