Nudist idea #53: Meditate naked


Meditation and nudity go well together. If you are already meditating, you know that for the best results, you need to be comfortable, sitting or lying. To really feel a better connection, I really encourage you to meditate wearing nothing at all. Naked meditation is the best.

You will find many sites and apps to teach you how to meditate. The Naked Yoga School has a naked meditation program (you can watch one of their trailers below) that can get you started. Otherwise, you can start by yourself, just abandoning any form of clothing.  The following post will provide some benefits of naked meditation. However, one very key point is to get entirely naked: no glasses, no jewelry, and overall any object that do not belong to your body.

To me there are 3 real benefits of meditating naked:

  1. Nothing is between the air and your body, so your skin can really breathe in and out. I’ve always found easier to visualize my breathing as a whole body experience.
  2. I can relax deeper. This is probably because I feel so good naked, and much better than clothed. You may experience some uncomfort at first if you are not a seasoned nudist, but you will soon really enjoy nudity.
  3. I can touch my body as I go out of my meditation time to regain the necessary attention. Instead of wingling my fingers and toes for instance to end the practice, I caress my body to feel it and reestablish the link with the physical reality.

As a conclusion to this short post, I really think, meditation should always be practiced entirely naked, as it enhances greatly the experience and the benefits of meditation.

Thank you for sharing your experiences of mediating naked and you comments below.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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