Nudist idea #36: Live entirely naked for one week


You spent a day, then you spent a whole week-end naked. It’s now time to move to the full week. Imagine a full week entirely naked, not touching a single piece of garment. This will require some preparation and planning.

I would encourage you to chose a nudist resort for this naked week. It will have everything, from activities to restaurant and shops, so you can stay within the borders of the resort and avoid getting clothes on. Of course, the resort should be in a place you can stay naked in the evening and at night, when the temperatures get cooler. Pay attention to the fact that some restaurants in resorts require you to get clothed in the evening. This will spoil a little bit you all-naked-week. Pick up your sport well, or prepare your dinner so you can stay naked.

Image result for open empty suitcaseOnce arrived , shed your clothes and enjoy nudity. The ultimate possibility is really to come to the resort with a small suitcase only filled with the bare necessities (pun intended), but no clothes at the exception of some pairs of shoes, particularly if you want to practice some sports, like tennis, or hike, if it’s possible. You should be able to travel with one carry-on luggage for two without any problem, fitting your shoes, towels, sun lotion and toiletry bag. And a couple of sheer blouses and sarongs for the ladies.
Of course, some may say that it’s sad to come to a place and not come out of the club to visit the surroundings. It’s true! However, it all depends what you are looking for. You may be going for the second or third time to the same resort and just want to relax and stay naked for the week. It’s a matter of choice!

Share your experiences and comments below.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by NORTHFOLK on Unsplash


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