Nudist idea #29: Avoid textile beaches


Swimming and getting tanned naked is a kind of a no-brainer. If we can avoid bathing suits at all costs, we will. Hence, we need to avoid textile beaches!

Image result for naked beachThere are dozens if not hundreds of nude beaches, have a look at this post Top 10 World’s Most Popular Nude Beaches. Now, there may be beaches closer to home or the place you are spending your holidays (if not, you need to rethink your next holiday, with the nudist idea #23: Plan your holiday with #nudism in mind). And if there are definitely not a single sign of a nudist beach in the vicinity, you may walk a little bit more, to find a secluded area or a spot further away from textile sunbathers to disrobe completely.

It is noted that some beaches are clothing optional, without being tagged as official nude beaches. Common sense should prevail in those instances, and you may get naked if you are not the only. Although I’ve noticed than in some cases, sometimes the first one who gets naked sends the nudity signal, and others generally follow through. Not always the case, but you may want to try if you are brave enough. If you happen to be a group of nudists, you can all get naked and create your own portion of clothing optional beach.

Of course, all this may not be possible everywhere, and there will be instances where the swimsuit will be mandatory. You will not want to avoid some beautiful places on the planet under the reason they are not clothing optional. The solution is then to wear as little as possible and accepted a swimsuit, and take it out as soon as you are in water. You will not avoid totally the tan lines, but you will enjoy some nude swimming.

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  1. I had a disconcerting experience in Fiji more than 25 years ago. I took my swimming trunks off in the sea and put them round my neck, only to find later that they were no longer there. So I came out of the sea further up the beach where there was no-one and dodged back through the trees behind the beach to my car unobserved until I met another member of the Suva Rotary Club. We had a laugh.

    • There is not much shame about nudity in Fiji. Kids happily play naked. But Christian missionary teaching gave adults a sense they should be covered up. The surprise was to meet a fellow Rotarian (Fiji Chinese) on a beach the other end of the main island, Viti Levu, more than an hour’s drive from Suva, though it is one of the best beaches and I visited it as often as I could.

  2. This nudism-promoting idea sounds obvious but is very relevant! A a rule, plan to go naked to enjoy sun, sea and sand, it’s much more pleasant and it increases the possibilities for nude friendly beaches if we would all do so. Don’t be shy or ashamed, any empty spot essentially is suitable, often those who dare to undress encourage others to do so. More people are happy to be free from textile than there people who would complain about other people enjoying nudism. In many countries, tolerance to beach nudism on not-too-busy beaches is much stronger than conservative ideas. If possible, look for the official or known tolerated beaches. Don’t be shy on the nude beach, walking, swimming, sunbathing your front side, spreading your legs, just do it naked to show you’re are nudist. Avoid the obligatary textile beaches and if you ever have to go there, just wear see-through or tan-through minimal coverage swimwear, obviously topless for women. Strings (thongs) are nearly always possible to wear for men and women, so your bottom will be free anyway. Suprisingly, if you’re among the many nudists without any pubic hair, skimpy swimwear only covering your genitals really looks very innocent, there is just a bit more of smooth skin to be shown. Indeed, as it is said here, removing such minimal swimwear to go swimming is very well possible, as you’re in the water your genitals are out of sight anyway. Minimal sheer thongs dry quickly and do not cause much nuisance. However, just try the avoid those places where you cannot go totally naked to enjoy the beach!

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