Nudist idea #27: Live entirely naked for 2 full days (and 3 nights)


You did one day, you can do two! This is just about a full week-end. From Friday evening until Monday morning: Not touching a single piece of clothing for two full days (and three dull night). How does it feel? I can tell you that for having done it multiple time, it still feels great!

f course, this may require a little bit of planning and it needs to be really intentional. A few things to consider to make these two days a success. First, the weather needs to be on your side: warm, including the evening (nothing greater than to spend an evening outside under a full moon, naked). Second, you need to ensure you get everything stocked so you do not need to leave your premises (the best is to spend the week-end at your local naturist club or resort, so everything will be available without requiring any form of clothing). Third and last, just undress on the Friday evening and let the week-end unfold.

So what to expect for a full two-day of nakedness? A lot of happiness and well being! Of course, it’s great to be naked, however, think about it this way. You wake up in the morning, go a have a shower, a breakfast, do your gym or go for a hike or a swim, then have lunch, spend the afternoon with friends, have a sundowner, then dinner and why not party, go to bed, rinse and repeat the next day, all this, without having to think about wearing anything but your smile. Just thinking and writing about it brings great memories. It’s such a wonderful liberating feeling to be able to just be oneself in our best fit birthday suit for a couple of days. However, beware. The moment you test and enjoy two full days of nakedness, you will wish it never ends and will want to have another day, then another day, then another day. As said multiple times, nudism is highly addictive, but so comfortable!

Share your experiences and comments below.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by DIΞGO F. C∆RRIÓN on Unsplash


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