Why nudism is critical and matters to society


Nudists know the many benefits of nudism and shared nudity. However, a vast majority of people, who are not nudists, see nudity as bad. We know this feeling is rooted in education as well as the fact that society has been sexualizing nudity for years. Therefore, people associate nudity to sex, and because sex is private, nudity should be. End of the story for many people.

Nudists have disassociated nudity and sex. Being naked is therefore normal, natural and social. With this, every nudist has been exposed to all sorts of nude bodies: every color, gender, body shape, scars, etc. Nudists know that nudism is all about being comfortable in our ones skin, with ones own body. When kids are exposed to nudism early or adults later when they embrace the nudism lifestyle, they understand that people are all different and come to respect, and appreciate, those differences.

Every time I am discussing with a nudist I do not know at a club or resort, I’m always nicely surprised by how friendly he or she is. We immediately bond because we share this wonderful lifestyle and we immediately show respect and interest. I come to believe that if nudism was more spread and accepted, people will show more respect to each other and we will face less sexual harassment situation. I am not saying that those situation do not happen in a nudist environment, predators and disrespectful people are everywhere. However, these people are faster spotted in a nudist environment, and I come to believe that by disassociating nudity from sex, people will show more respect and consideration for differences.

Related imageWe have recently seen that the opening of a nudist/naturist space in Paris, in the Bois de Vincennes, has not creating an outcry, but has actually dragged a lot of naturists over the week-ends to enjoy shared nudity. Because it’s a public place, non nudists and nudists shared the same space with peace and acceptance. This proves that we can live together, that nudity is harmless, and has actually exposed nudism to more people, who may have been curious, are respecting others’ choice and may become nudists later. I hope to see this space will open again next year, sooner than this year, and that many other cities will follow suit, exposing the lifestyle to more and more people.

Nudism is probably one of the most respectful and peaceful lifestyle on this planet. There’s nothing wrong with naked bodies is the message we, as nudists, need to repeat again and again. We need to talk about nudism more and to invite all our friends and family to spend time naked together at our local club or resort, or to go on a nakation. I believe nudism is one of the best ways to grow respect among mankind, and is so critical to our well-being.

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Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. My husband and I promote our social nudity weekly with friends and family. While they chose not to join us they are happy for us that we enjoy it so much. We think over time eventually some may join us.

      • We are property owners at our local resort and plan on building a small house/cabin there. Several friends and family have said they would visit us there. It is C/O but they will see nudity as many are always nude there.

  2. Like being a nudist and around other adults but kids Thats just not my bag. Becasue I worry about all the sick people in the world.

    • I worry about the epidemic of body shame and widespread sexual dysfunction. I also worry about the vast majority of child deaths and serious injuries in childhood that are due to physical abuse and neglect rather than sex crimes or nudity.

      • Very very good points indeed. Our society is entirely focused on all the wrong things and dismissing things like public and open social nudity that would make the world a better place.

      • Me to I’ve even had it happened to Me. I was Shamed for Being uncut that Messed with me til i got old enough to not gives Damn.

    • @ Nikko what if you’re a member of a nudist club (group) that visits a clothing optional (nude) beach? you need to get over your fear (phobia) of being around (near) nudist children, kids, teenagers

  3. Me to I’ve even had it happened to Me. I was Shamed for Being uncut that Messed with me til i got old enough to not gives Damn.

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