Nudist idea #3: Hike naked


More and more people are hiking naked. Even famous brands talk about it, like in the The art of nude hiking . Beyond the NEWT (Naked European Walking Tour) that happen every year in Austria, there are many naked hikers group across Europe and the US.

Hiking is a very healthy activity. You enjoy nature at a slow pace, taking the time to look around and appreciate life. Joining hiking to nudism brings a healthy activity and an awesome lifestyle together for a greater good. You feel free, appreciate the air and the sun on your bare skin, and share good time with friends.

There are many groups who mix clothed and naked hikers. Respect being a central point here. The great thing with naked hiking is you do not need much and it’s therefore a very cheap activity. Think just about equipping yourself with a cover up in case you meet other hikers who do not appreciate nudity, as it’s still on the edge of legality in many places. Ensure you know the local regulation before going on a naked hike and always carry your membership card of your local nudist/naturist federation. If you want to know more about naked hiking, read my 10 good reasons to hike naked.

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Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo By Nadalo – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0


  1. Usually the first thing I do upon arriving at my nudist camp is take a nice long hike. I’m lucky to belong to a camp that has many acres of wooded trails to explore. The feeling of the sun and air on my body as I walk the trails is exquisite. I also love seeing animals on my hikes and thinking I am as naked and natural as them (with the exception of my trail shoes and backpack). After starting my day at the camp with a vigorous hike, I am then ready for a swim to cool down followed by an afternoon of rest, relaxation and nude recreation!

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