How to become nudist in one simple step


Some people asked me why and how I became a nudist? My answer is always the same. One day, I just decided than naked was more comfortable than clothed, and I just undressed. This is the simplest one-step method to become a nudist. You just get naked and, voilà, you are a nudist.

Then, you can explore nudism and naturism. Because once the decision was made, I looked for other nudists to see whether I was alone. To my amazement, I discovered that not only I was far from being alone, but actually dozens, hundreds, thousands people were like me enjoying life sans clothing! Some were also hiking naked, others were spending their holidays in the buff, while many were actually living in naturist villages all year long.

I then stopped questioning whether nudism was “normal”. It’s the most normal and natural lifestyle. Forget shame that society has been putting for years on naked bodies and start enjoying the wind, the sun and the water on your bare skin. All that is necessary is one simple action: simply get naked!

Of course, you will be faced with many questions once you start embracing nudity. Just know that most if not all nudists have faced or are facing the same, and that it exists as many answers as nudists. Some will answer the door naked, some will cover up. Some will undress only in nudist resorts or beaches, others will undress in nature as well. Some will seize every opportunity to get naked including when the only nudist, others will stay clothed if they are the only nudist.

Find you way into nudism, you will not regret it, as it’s the best possible lifestyle, with many, many benefits. Just start: get naked!

Get naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

Photo by Владислав Громаковский, CC BY-SA 3.0


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