The Complete Guide to Nudism, Naturism & Nudists – A Review


Last month, I introduced you to The Complete Guide to Nudism, Naturism & Nudists and announcing a review of it. I just finished the book and here comes the review.


The title says it, and the content stands to the promise. It is really a complete guide. I enjoyed it thoroughly from the start until the end. It’s well written, informative and… complete. This is a book any aspiring nudist should read, and every nudist should have in his/her library. In other words, it’s a must-have and must-read.

What I liked about the book

The Complete Guide to Nudism, Naturism & Nudists is organized in 20 short chapters (5 to 20 pages) that are somehow independent from each other. You can find the complete table of content on the author web site. It’s therefore possible to read or share one chapter without reading the others. Now, when you read the title of those chapters, you quickly realize the authors are covering all the questions everybody asks about nudism and naturism: from history of nudity to FAQ, from sex and naturism to naturism and the law, and from nudist etiquettes to why it’s different for women to embrace nudism. No topic has been forgotten, and if any, the authors offer a form on their web site ( to ask questions.

The Complete Guide du Nudism is well researched and well written. You can feel a lot of effort was thrown in ensuring the book is an easy read and comprehensive. Each chapter goes straight to the topic without circumvolutions or lengthy introductions. It’s therefore a pleasant read full of useful information.

What you will learn in the book

Of course, you will need to read the book to learn about all the topics related to nudism. But here are some ideas shared by the authors about nudism, naturisms and nudists. The authors do explain the differences between nudism and naturism, and throw them away to make the two terms meaning the same, which I agree. Nudists and naturists define the same people. Then they provide their own definition of naturism that I like a lot: “Naturism is the enjoyment of getting as naked as possible, wherever and whenever appropriate, alone or with others, just for its own sake”. I think it captures why nudists go nude.

You’ll learn about the naturist movement, who is naturist and how naturism is structured in most naturist friendly countries. Then, you will discover a brief history of nudity before jumping into the 12 reasons to become a nudist, which I find very reasonable (and no, I will not give them here, you will need to purchase the book to discover them, all I can say is they are grouped around physical, mental and social benefits). In the next chapter, you will go into details about where to go nude: from the nude beach to the nudist club, from nude hiking to nude sauna, the choices are many.

The authors go into the taboo topics of sex, religion and law. Why taboo? Because generally, for most people naturism equals sex, naturism is not allowed by religions and laws. End of the story! Well actually, most of this is wrong and you discover that naturism is not equal to sex, actually far from it, that religion (mostly Christian religion) does not forbid naturism and law is actually protecting naturism, although putting some fences around.

The following chapters go into the details of the single man and how women think and feel. The single man topic is important for all male aspiring naturists who do not have a female companion. The chapter is full of tips on how to be a single male naturist and ensuring you are not seen as a voyeur. However, I learned a lot about naturism and women in the following chapter and the personal story of Liz was insightful. A must read for all women exposed to naturism who think it’s not for them at all! The authors close those personal topics with nudism and relationships, and nudism and children. A great way to show that nudism is a family lifestyle and living naked as a family carries tons of benefits.

Closing chapters cover health and nudity from a dangers perspective, although most are not unique to nudism, then how to start through seven steps (the first begin to join your naturist association which I find very sensible), nudist etiquette, frequently asked questions, for all those questions that do not require a full chapter but need to be addressed and finally sharing other nudists experiences.

Final thoughts

As you may have understood, I took a lot of pleasure to read the Complete Guide to Nudism. Is it the ultimate guide, probably not and it’s not meant to be that. It’s a very practical, down to earth book for the aspiring nudist, for people who want to discover more about nudism and for naturists who want to read more about their lifestyle. I personally learned a lot by reading the book and I feel it belongs well in my library to be able to share with friends. With a rating of 4 out of 5 on Amazon, it stands pretty well among other books on naturism. I think overall it provides the bare minimum (pun intended) to start with naturism and provides pointers to discover more. So no brainer, grab a copy, read it, and share it with as many friends as possible, so naturism grows and the world becomes more and more nudist friendly!

Next month, I will review The “volunteer”, a novel by D.H. Jonat51QmBbJoHLLhan, stay tuned!

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