Social nudity, what’s in it for you?


The title asks the question, the post provides the answers. Answers because there are as many answers as they are nudists. This means there is everything for each of us in stripping down at any nudist beach or resort. Now, let’s be 100% clear: social nudity and sex are two different things. Social nudity in the sense of being naked with friends and strangers is about spending time and having a good time without any sexual idea. Sex is private, naturism is social, this is the basis of the concept. So what’s in it for each of us getting naked in front of others, friends or pure strangers? 3 key answers in my opinion.

1. Total body acceptance

I am who I am, you are who you are, with your scars, your six-packs or your piercing. We all know beauty is within, so the body can be freed from any clothing and convention. Many studies have shown that getting naked in front of others increase confidence and body acceptance. Society has created an illusion with the perfect body, the perfect outfit and the perfect sex. Perfection is now 100% Photoshopped. By getting naked and sharing your nudity, you are centering yourself to who you really are. This is a liberating experience, anybody can share.

2. Total freedom

Every time I take all my clothes away I will 100% free. Can I explain what happens, no? It’s just this incredible feeling deep inside. Every nudist I talk to feels the same. Trying nudism is becoming a nudist. Of course, the newbie nudist will generally requires some time to become 100% comfortable with nudity. There are so many social, personal, religious conventions to set aside! But once you understand this incredible feeling of freedom is acceptable and actually normal, a whole new world opens in front of you!

3. Total acceptance

There have been tons of ideas shared about friendship among nudists. Getting naked in a nudist environment is just the norm. Therefore, you are about to meet tons of friendly people who share one common passion: nudity. This may sound cliché, but although you will not become friend with every nudist you’ll meet, you share at least one common point, and this makes a whole difference in making new friends and acquaintances. Who ever you are, what ever you look like, you belong to this incredible wonderful family of naturists, and you are about to discover this means a lot!

So what’s in it for you to embrace the nudist lifestyle? The question is still valid because there are lots of misunderstandings of the nudist lifestyle and nudists are still a minority. Being a nudist does not reduce your choices, to the opposite, it expands them. Some people will look at you as being weird and may be will leave you. This is life. True friends will stay friends and will actually potentially join you as nudist. Others will leave. Although this is sad, it will carry a message of acceptance of differences, and IMHO, I’d rather have friends who accept who I am than hiding from friends who may leave. This is all personal.

With this in mind, what stops you from trying? Open you mind and join the movement! Naturism is just awesome!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Immortal shots from Pexels

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