What needs to change for naturism to be accepted


As naturists, we feel good if not better while naked. Many of us would like to be able to be naked more frequently not facing negative consequences. For this, we need to continue, if not increase, to tell the naturism story and its many benefits. However, I was asking myself the question: what needs to change for naturism to be accepted? Here are some answers I found:

  • De-sexualizing nudity. For many, nudity is equal to sex. Society is actually promoting this idea in ads or movies. Most of the time, the vision of a naked or half naked body leads to sexual intercourse. It’s therefore easy to link the two together. However, if we were to see in ads or movies naked people living there normal lives, then the idea of nudity outside of sexuality will start to spread. We can even used blurred genitals until people get used to the idea of non sexual nudity.
  • Encouraging kids to stay naked. How many times do you see a young kid on the beach that takes his or her bathing suit off, being chastized by his or her mother or father? For most, if not all, kids, nudity is totally normal and healthy, as they do not have this link to sexuality yet. This nudity should be encouraged not banned, through parent education.
  • Explaining body transformation to teenagers in a simple way. When puberty kicks in, even naturist kids tend to get dressed as they do not feel that comfortable with their body. We, as caring adults, should explain that what they feel is natural, and if they want to get dressed or get naked, they have the freedom to chose. If they feel sexual desire, it’s entirely natural, however, they need to unlink nudity and sex, which are two totally different things.
  • Decriminalizing non sexual nudity. if nudity is more accepted after being more exposed to non sexual nudity, they laws should be enacted to let people get naked in social public space as long as their attitude is not sexually oriented. I know this may be controversial, but if, for instance, you ask most hikers what they think about naked hiking, they find it Ok for a big majority (read Naked Hiking to learn more about this).
  • Being naked with friends and family. Big changes starts with small decisions. Do your friends and family know you are a naturist? Are you naked with them? Do you encourage them to embrace naturism? You need to come out and get more naked time with your friends and family. Of course, that may be tough the first time. Some people may find you weird. With all the content that exists on the web about the benefits of naturism, it’s eay to have a leaflet ready to hand over.
  • Practicing and promoting naked activities. Hiking naked, practicing naked yoga or participation to World Naked Bike Ride will contribute to show people that naked people are harmless, they just want to practice their preferred activities naked.
  • Joining a naturist association and or club. To promote its activities, an association needs members. By becoming a member of your country naturist association (AANR in the US, FFN in France, for instance or APNEL to promote naturism in liberty), you will help them to promote naturism, have more naturist places and have changes in legislation to allow more legal acceptance. And if you can and have time, act with them, dedicate some energy to help promote naturism.

Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle that can only be appreciated when tested. It’s always very difficult to explain to non naturists the many benefits of naturism. Of course, intellectually people will understand and accept (or not). But the real eye opener is when you undress totally first alone, then with other naturists. It seems a long way before naturism gets widespread acceptance, however, it’s just by continuing promoting it that it will be more and more accepted until one day, hopefully, it will just be allowed anywhere as one of the many clothing options.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash


  1. I belong to an online website for all nudism-practitioners. The amount of criticism and bad feelings caused by self defined “Naturists” against Nudists and other pro clothing optional people has convinced me that we will never achieve the goal of “Acceptance”.

  2. The most important change is for the public to become used to seeing occasional naked human bodies. People are shocked to see a human being because they have never seen one. What has to change is that most people need to have seen naked human bodies without suffering any harm, and in fact most people are people watchers. Most people enjoy watching human beings. The most important thing nudists can do is to be seen by other non-nudist people, often, as often as you can get away with. Walk naked near a road. Drive naked, and get out of your car naked. Applaud streakers, or join them. We have to turn the public perception around by being seen until most people have seen real human beings. All that other stuff doesn’t really matter, and won’t make any difference unless and until we are bold enough to go out and be seen in public.

  3. I enjoy living my life nude. I am usually naked with most of my friends and with many of my relatives (immediate family and extended family). And, I am an active member (and volunteer advocate for) a national nudist/naturist organization here in the US. Decriminalizing (actually encouraging) nudism at public beaches, public pools, campgrounds and municipal parks is one of my very strong interests. Everyone (everyone!) that I know (beginning with me, of course) enjoys the freedom and joy of being nude as much as possible, in private and in public, once he or she tries it. It all starts with taking one’s clothes off and keeping them off. All of us who enjoy living nude should talk about it to others as much as possible and live that way in public wherever possible. Hopefully, it won’t be long before nudism becomes the norm, not the other way around!

  4. It would help if the media was different and stop making nudity so taboo.Right now the media is on the side of the textile/fashion industry and that has to change because they glamourize the wearing of clothes and make people think they must have a perfect body to wear them.Also,too many people are raised in homes where they never see any of their family members nude and are taught to always cover up and that nudity is reserved only for sex and that doesn’t accomplish anything but teach body shame and poor self esteem.If a lot more kids were raised in nudist environments they would feel better about themselves and have a much healthier attitude towards the human body.TV shows need to show more nudity.Nude swimming and sunbathing at beaches and public swimming pools where nudity is practical needs to promoted and encouraged and have it become the norm and stop requiring everyone to be in a swimsuit.If people were to see nude bodies of everyday ordinary people in these type of settings it will get people used to seeing it and help normalize nudity.

  5. It’s a shame that people don’t understand what they are missing by not being nude there is nothing to be shy about imagine if Adam and Eve did not eat from the apple we would be in a nude world it would be awesome

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