What do you want to do in nudism before you die?


Dire title, isn’t it? We do not think often about death, well at least I don’t. But I do think about nudism and how to expand my nudist life. So here’s a list of things the author wants to do nude.
What do you want to do in nudism before you die?

You can relate to the 101 things you can do nude post. I feel you can do everything naked, weather and security permitting. Unfortunately for us, free range nudists, law does not allow us to be naked in public, so we need to find clever ways to :

  1. live naked as much as we can
  2. have the law change if possible so non sexual nudity becomes on of the clothes option, like APNEL in France is doing.

However in the meantime, naturism is a great and wonderful lifestyle. Nothing feels better than staying naked all day, doing what you like best.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Mateus Soares from Pexels


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